Saturday , June 25 2022

Hepatitis in water by Risaralda: Possible hepatitis A virus would be found in water in three municipalities of Pereira


The outbreak of this disease in a month March alerts individuals who have made a few Sampling at different points Pereira, Dosquebradas and Santa Rosa de Cabal.

While the study of the National Institute of Health determines the presence of the virus in several areas of the three municipalities made by the University of Technology of Pereira and Quindio University they did not find the address data attitude,

Leandro Yaramilo, Managing Director of He leads and leads Pereira, explained the measures taken on the matter.

– We have several laboratory pilot projects measure other physico-chemical and microbiological factors and at the production level we have advanced oxidation projects that we hope to show us ability to remove all types of virusesYamamillo assured him.

25 weeks after the first outbreak it is confirmed that the cases of people infected with hepatitis A have increased, with a record of 63 only in Pereira,

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For this reason, Olga Lucia Hoyos, Health Secretary of Risaralda, recommends taking precautions how to wash your hands, have good hygiene, do not eat food with improper handling or have contact with infected people.

The subjects reported this they will continue to study to clarify the data presented so far.

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