Friday , May 20 2022

Here's how S Pen restricts the design of Galaxy Note


S Pen is one of the reasons why the Galaxy Note line exists. But do you know what is missing because of the huge space occupied by the phone pencil?

The indoor Ice Universe claims to have spoken to a Samsung engineer who provided the following information:

  • Without S Pen, Samsung may have used a battery with 800mAh more capacity.
  • S Pen did not allow to introduce more aggressive innovations in the camera.
  • Thanks to the S Pen Samsung can not apply narrow jumps in the past.

In short, all this would be possible, if not for the space occupied by S Pen inside the device. For those who really wonder how much space S Pen needs in the Galaxy Note, you can see below:

It is very interesting to think about the Galaxy Note that we could have had if it was not S Pen. However, we can all agree that the essence of this line is only the stylus and the things that allow you to do. We want to read them:

Should Samsung Remove S Pen From Inside Galaxy Note?

Source: PhoneArena

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