Thursday , October 28 2021

Hidroituango will generate 2,400 megawatts in 2024


Over the last 10 years, EPM transfers to the city have exceeded $ 10 billion, Mayor Federico Gutierrez explained

Lillian Marinho Espinosa – [email protected]

Medellin Mayor Federico Gutierrez was at the installation of the Four Colombian Business Congress and the 75th Assembly of the Andes, where he said they expect EPM to reach Hydroituango's schedule to be generated by 2021, with the first units and 2,400 megawatts by 2024. .

With that, they expect the company to continue to benefit the city, "which in the last year alone has generated $ 1.3 billion in transfers to the city," said Gutierrez, who added that in Over the last 10 years, these transfers have exceeded $ 10 billion.

"It is important to support this process as it summarizes 65 years of EPM history. All that has been done so far is 2400 megawatts. This is what Hidroituango will produce when ready," he said.

In an interview about the installation, he also explained that EPM is a model company "created and viewed by the private sector and that today it provides good service to the city and the country, sinceEPM Total Profit Reinvested into Citizenship "and this should be replicated in more business models in the country; "This is an example of that in the middle of a very difficult moment, it is delivering results exceptional".

At this stage, he added that initiatives to support companies and projects that generate the most benefits for the country should continue to be sought.

The installation also features Rafael del Castillo, chairman of Andy's Board of Governors, who called for the elimination of populist votes in the midst of the election, "because we, the businessmen, are the ones who create employment, value and Development and the discussions we need spend, have to be around sustainability. It is clear that today, more than ever, companies are called to generate impact that goes beyond and is a driver of transformation, "he said.


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