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How to use vitamin E capsules on the face?


Do you know how many times we renew our skin? Every 28 days! It is believed that man produces about 100 kg of cells epidermis throughout its existence.

This constant renewal requires a constant contribution by nutrients, which is essential for the skin and whose deficiency in the diet leads to changes in its growth and appearance. Vitamins, minerals and proteins play a major role. Vitamin E is a key element in it.

Surely you, like many other people, are swallowing up vitamin E in some add-on or pill, but this time we'll show you how to use it vitamin E on the faceYou will fall in love with its effects!

Vitamin E, essential for the skin

First, first. Why vitamin E is important for the skin? Because of theirs antioxidant, rejuvenating and healing propertiesVitamin E is highly appreciated.

Its antioxidant action neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals, which increase in the summer due to sunlight and which cause the appearance of so-called aging spots.

In addition, vitamin E provides essential nutrients to maintain well-structured and smooth skin. on cosmetic industry He knows it well: many products are targeted at him care for the epidermis (solid and liquid creams, masks and tonics) containing vitamin EThey have the ability to increase blood flow, oxidize and regenerate tissues, thus providing elasticity and reducing wrinkle formation.

numerous bronzers and sunscreen products They include it in their formulas because they protect against the negative effects of sunlight in addition to the benefits of skin protection. In this sense, vitamin E acts in a very similar way to blockers, but with the ability to penetrate the epidermis as if it were a shield that also helps to loosen tissues and reduce scarring.

The properties of vitamin E favor hair that damages hair structure, avoidance that the hair is rest and fallTherefore, the cosmetics industry also uses it in shampoos, conditioners and treatments such as gel and spray.

In addition to known additions to vitamin E which doctors recommend at doses of 400, this exclusive vitamin can be found in vegetable oils (olive oil is essential) and nuts oil-bearing; in avocado, wheat germ and cereal sprouts, or cereals integrated and in some green leafy vegetablesas well fish (especially blue).

How to use vitamin E capsules on the face?

Against wrinkles

Stop spending on creams and better go to the pharmacy to buy vitamin E capsules.

What do you need to do?

With a pin (previously switched to alcohol), take the contents of a vitamin E capsule and apply it to the parts where you have more lines of expression. If you want to do it in all your complexion, there is no problem.

The texture is oily but very effective. Drop it gently over your face with circular movements before the bed so that it is fully absorbed.


After cleansing the complexion, apply the contents of the capsule to the skin with spots and make a circular massage.

Leave it for half an hour before sleep and until the next morning, remove with cold water.

For best results, do it at least 5 days a week.

Now you know, use vitamin E in favor of your skin and if you are permanent you will notice the changes from the first week of use.

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