Monday , May 16 2022

In the video The home situation kills an employee in El Limoncito


A home servant dies on Friday afternoon after being shot on the terrace of the house he worked for, lying on the 75th and 86th Street in the Limoncito neighborhood.

In a video broadcast by the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police, the moment when the aggressor, dressed in a local request company's clothing, entered the property after the woman opened the gate and was recorded in the middle of the fight. He shot the victim in the belly.

After this action, the victim falls to the floor and the object runs at full speed, leaving the address box and the bicycle on which it originally arrived.

The woman was transferred from the residents of the sector to the Nino Jesús Hospital and her death occurred there. The victim was identified as Angela Maria Ruis Veles, 57 years old.

The neighbors who helped the woman showed that the crime was at 2:00 in the afternoon. "We heard the shots and saw the lady with a shot in the belly; she was already seriously injured.

The members of the victim's family arrived at the help center and recognized his body before the Sijín experts who attended the service at 16:30.

The police are asking for help

With the spread of the video captured by the security camera of the building for which Ruiz Veles was working, the police point out that the citizens' support is required to quickly identify the aggressor and locate his location.

"The video was distributed through networks so that citizens could help identify that man, masked as a home. We need to find your location, "said Colonel Engelbert Grahbala, deputy commander of the Barranquilla police.

It is then said that there is a reward of up to 5 million pesos for information that leads to the killer's location.

Theft, one of the mobile phones. Rodrigo Restrepo, the director of the prosecutor's office, arrived yesterday at the scene of the attack to see the case of the murdered woman personally.

However, he did not provide details of the case or of the investigation line to be followed.

On the other hand, these media have learned that Sijin's investigators point out as a possible motif for the attack an attempted robbery because apparently the striker was nervous about the woman's struggle and shot a caliber revolver.

It turned out that the man had entered a white vehicle a few meters from the house where the woman had attacked. This version coincides with the alleged robbery attempt.

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