Wednesday , August 10 2022

In the video they evacuate the Atlantic Ocean University with a bomb threat


The security staff at the training center warned the police about an artifact left in a toilet in one of the students' bathrooms.

On Monday morning, Universidad del Atlantico's security officers warned the police of detecting something that looked like a bomb in one of the students' bathrooms.

The element, according to what this means can find, is found on the fifth floor of one of the blocks of the university.

In shared social networking images, we can see a black plastic case with a clock and a supposed explosive in one of the toilets. Then there are three messages that say, "Stacks, explode at 11:35 am", "Explode the block, bomb" and the last letter of explosives apparently to the governor.

The Uniform of the Metropolitan Police of Barranquilla arrives at the Educational Center and at that hour realize the complete evacuation of the students who arrived for the day.

Colonel Eczid Penya, the operational commander of the institution, said there were also explosive units on the site to try to check the contents of the pack.

"There is information where apparently there is an artifact, people say it looks like an explosive, we do a preventive evacuation, we do all the protocols to avoid any situation," the official said.

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