Wednesday , September 28 2022

Intrigue – Chapter 27 of June


Following Mert's warning, his brother Sarp will try to protect his family.

Shema tries to track Sarpe's call, fortunately he's already waiting for him and manages to fool the officers who track the signal from a cell phone under the bench in the park. A situation that makes the police team investigate more.

Aras Bulut tells Eylem of a published article against Celal (inetin Tekindor) and about him, and knows he has a plan against the journalist. So he warns Sarp so they can help his family and his brother look for a way to avoid the misfortune.

On the other hand, Yeshim turns to his husband to offer to bring his son Mustafa to another place far away from so many problems. But the cook asks him to leave the house because his son will not go anywhere, and Celal confesses to Mert that he feels nothing about her and does not care for her luck but will not allow him to take him to your son. What will happen to Jeshim?

While Sharps is trying to get to his house, Damla Colbay receives a packet of supposed information, but in reality it's a Davuto trap to find his house and kill the journalist.

When he arrives, one of Celal's men makes several shots in the air, which distracts the police attention while Davut enters the spot where to seek Eylem. Although Barris tries to protect his family, he ends up with serious consequences, and the evil criminal finds the journalist. Will it be over?

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