Tuesday , August 16 2022

Intrigue – Chapter 28 of June


Before Davut took the lives of Aym and Fusun, Sarp arrived and saved them.

Davut discovers Eilem and Fusun, and when he is about to kill the two women, Çağatay Ulusoy appears and stops, though because of his anger he wants to kill this criminal, his mother stops him and reminds him that he is a policeman. But in the discussion, Davut avoids, and Sarp has no choice but to take his family and take her to a new shelter.

Sarps then informs Aras Bulut that his family is safe. However, when Davuto returns from his mission, he wants to talk to himself with his boss. What happens when he realizes that Ailem is alive?

Alanak visits Kelal to give him his share of the deal by giving Kudre his life, but he does not want his presence and cancels the pact. What will happen between these two mafia heads?

On the other hand, Yeşim (Gözde Kansu) is desperate for his situation and wants to take Mustafa away from his father, but when she tries to leave, Celal's men stop her, so she has to go home.

When the chef informs, the person sends a person to prevent his wife from escaping, but the escort finds jewelry and money in his purse, showing that he wants to get him out of Salal without noticing him. How will you resolve this unforeseen?

Although Mert is always on the side of Selal to find information and thus provide evidence to his brother, the "chef" keeps him away from his plans.

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