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"It's not easy to become a 15-year-old father": Rafael Santos


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Diomed Diaz's eldest son returns to television, translating himself into the "Cousin's Son" series, inspired by his late brother.

– So, Rafael Santos, I want to let you say in this song that if you are inspired to become a shoemaker, I just want you to be the best because the doctor is not helpful if it is a bad example for people. Separately from my boy, the song Diomed Diaz the milky.

Two decades ago, Colombia met the music talent of Rafael Santos Dias Acosta, Diomed Diaz's eldest son. In 2012, the country witnessed his acting debut in Raphael Orosco's series, the idol in which he played his father, and now, after gaining experience in front of cameras and platforms, always with good criticism, he would mix these two aspects into one of the projects he "feels" is "awakened" in his life, that of the series inspired by his late brother Martin Elias.

In a dialogue with El Heraldo Santos presented details of what will be seen on the screen of the production of El Kakik's son, in which he will interpret himself. He also unveiled his alliance with King Valento 2018, Boyakens Julian Moja, who highlights his traditional note at times of mergers and new sounds in the valency.

P. Tell us about your participation in the series inspired by your brother Martin Elias …


God taught me to find this art of action I had in myself. I consider myself a natural actor, my spontaneity is on the stage, I am already in four plays: Rafael Orosco, the idol I played my father; The national team, a project I was supposed to climb 10 kilos to get to the 90s that Valancio had at that time, was also in the afternoon when I met him again, embodying my father, and I will now be interpreting.

P. Was it an acting challenge to incarnate?


It was very funny because they called me to do the casting without knowing what role I would do, I thought I would play Diomed again, but the producers surprised me by telling me that I was going like Rafael Santos. I was a gringo because I did not know how to be myself on TV. But everything flows naturally.

P. What aspects of your brother's life will be seen in this series?


The way Martin Elias grew up, what I had to do with my mother to convey good values, I think Colombia will realize our family struggle progressing. It is not easy to become a father for 15 years, Diomed instructs me to finish Martin, who was only 5 years old, and thank God for allowing me to be the leader of this great human being who does not accompany us today. I was delighted to be part of this series, it was like returning the tape to Martin Elias, these difficult times but also loaded with music. There will be a lot of music, you will hear the successes I've done in my career like El Turpil, Rumba province, Tell him to take care of you, so you will hear songs from my father, played by Martin, in which the actor is Franco Che , who plays a role Very interesting by El Casic. My mother will be personified by Lily Columbia, and Milsiadis Cantillo will be Martin Elias.

P. Why should Colombia know the life of her brother?


Martin Elias was a natural phenomenon that, for a very short time, achieved its goals, and this is an example of new generations of artists, that is a true heritage that leaves us. His rise was not easy, after 10 years of struggle that he hit his first song, The Earthquake, by Rolando Ochoa. That's why his success came, and all the Colombians are still singing. This story is full of art, respect, and dreams to be fulfilled, and it is important to show people, because many will think that because we were children of Diomed, we lived in a small glass box and that is not the case, we suffer, we laugh we cry and we cry.

P. When was the premiere of the series?


The Canal Canal has its forecasts for November or December, and we hope this year will not happen because the followers of my dynasty are waiting for you. The shooting began in October and ended on April 22, everything was recorded in Honda (Tolima), from which we distorted Vallupupar, which was the natural scene in which Martin Elias was erected.

P. In three words, how would you define Martin Elias?


Noble, simple, great artist.

P. Moving on to the music plane, why did he look at the violent accordionist Julian Mochika?


At the beginning of my career, I started a company because I made three albums for Sony Music by Reyes Alvaro Lopez. This label trusted me and prepared me to go out into the ring. I already have 20 years of creative career, and I really want to continue with the legacy of my dynasty that left my dad and Martin, I feel obliged to go out to make new music and so I join Julian, who is Ray Valento. In his ability he competed to get his crown last year. He is a native of Boyaca (from the municipality of Pes del Rio) and this sounds strange, but his notes are very familiar with our essence. He was already with Enaldo Barrera "Diomedito," Pilao Rodriguez, Otto Serge, Gussey, and now he comes to my side to continue to give the Diomedist and the Martini, that the valenta, loaded with good lyrics and melody.

Milsiades Cantillo, who will play Martin Elias; Franco Che, like Diomed Diaz; and Rafael Santos with two members of the serial production.

Milsiades Cantillo, who will play Martin Elias; Franco Che, like Diomed Diaz; and Rafael Santos with two members of the serial production.

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