Thursday , October 28 2021

J. Balvin makes fun of Maluma after showing how he wants to be remembered


The singer J. Balvin He did it again and picked up the hair of his colleague and great friend again maluma on their social networks.

The translator of Bad Mia shared through your account Instagram a photo of which he seems very smiling and to which he added a few short but thoughtful words.

"The day I die, I want to be remembered that way", Maluma wrote in the description of the publication, in which he sits and looks very happy.

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The photo reached more than a million and a half "likes" in just one day, after thousands of comments were shared in which followers left messages showing his love for him.

"Like this and happier," "you'll never die," "don't say that," "thank God we have you with your beautiful voice," "I pray that this day will never come, always will remember, "I love you", were some of the users' posts about it.

However, despite the intention he had maluma, the author of "Reggateon" He could not stop bothering the singer, who, as usual, mocked him by writing: "Do you remember being drunk?",

Comment did not respond to "Handsome boy", but elicited laughter from dozens of fans who emphasized the great friendship they have.

It should be noted that not only is Balvin annoying not only Maluma, but also several celebrities, because obviously this is one of his hobbies.

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On the other hand, they both share some images with scarves and in Tola and Maruja, so many have suggested that it is about encouraging the expectation of a topic together.

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