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Johnny Ive, iPhone designer, will leave Apple later this year ELESPECTADOR.COM


Valeria Cortes.

Ive is the brain behind the iconic products, such as the 1998 iMac, the iPod and the Apple Park headquarters.

Johnny Ive and Tim Cook at the launch of the iPhone X R in September 2018. Apple's courtesy.

Apple's design director, Johnny Ivewill leave the company at the end of this year after more than two decades of service. This was reported by the technology company through a statement.

Ive, who was in service since 2015, will retire to form an independent designer company called LoveFrom and develops personal projects, however, Apple has made clear that it will be one of its main clients.

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"Apple will continue to take advantage of Johnny's talent by working directly with him on outstanding projects and through the continuous work of the brilliant and passionate design team he has built and after so many years of close collaboration I am delighted that our relations continue to develop and hope to work with Johnnie in the future, "he said. Tim CookApple CEO.

The company has not specified what exact date it will disappear, but assured it will be at the end of this year.

Ive is responsible for the aesthetics of Apple's iconic products. He designed the famous 1998 iMac, iPod, iPhone and even behind Apple Park, the monumental research and development complex of the company, located in Cupertino, California (USA).

According to the company, design team leaders Alan Dai and Evans Hanke will be responsible and reporting Jeff Williams, the director of Apple's operations, who has been in charge of the development of Apple Watch since its inception.

After nearly 30 years and countless projects, I am very proud of the long work we have done to create an Apple design, process and culture team that is not equal. Today he is stronger, more viable and more talented than at any other time in Apple's history.

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