Tuesday , October 26 2021

Juan Carlos Osorio will be an option to lead Cruz Azul Colombians Abroad


Juan Carlos Osorio is still suspended in Colombia for aggression against referee Alexis Ginestrosa and is unable to lead Atletico Nacional from the line. However, the Colombian trainer is still in place domestically and internationally. Always loved and respected wherever it happened, the purslane coach returned to sound like a targeting option, regardless of affiliation with the purslane club.

Osorio returned to Mexico, though not for selection, because Gerardo El & # 39; Dad & # 39; Martino is doing a very similar campaign, even better than the one the coffee maker did just a few years ago. This time it is one of the most popular clubs in the MX League and those who have invested more money in recent years to have a racing team.

According to & # 39; tudn & # 39;, Ozorio is the main option the Blue Cross manages in the event that Pedro Kaysinha, his current strategist, does not get the results that everyone expects in the cement team, because right up until the last fourth day, the Blue Club got his first win and added only 5 units, which are outside the top eight.

Journalist Enrique Bermudez said Osorio is Plan B to save the Blue Cross. And of course, the two-month sentence imposed by Dimaior could weigh on a Colombian coach who decided to terminate his contract with National.

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