Friday , May 20 2022

Judge would pay to kill lover of his ex-wife in Tolima – Other cities – Colombia


Lilia Alberta Osmpina Fuentes, Judge at Atako (Tolima), She was arrested for her alleged involvement in a murder attempt against Gisela Torres Saens. The detention took place this morning on Tuesday morning by police in the correspondent of Gualanday.

In his case, he investigates the prosecution for his possible involvement in the attempted murder of Giselle Torres Schaenz, who was attacked on March 20 on a street in the Parrales neighborhood in Ibagué.

On this occasion Torres Saenz traveled with his Renault brand, but surprisingly he was captured by men on a motorcycle who shot him many times and managed to hit him on the neck.

In the midst of the confusion caused by high traffic, the woman was taken by ambulance to a clinical center in the Warsaw Quarter where she was treated and recovered from the wound.

The police of Ibagué has begun the assassination of the killers by camcorders. Minutes later they will capture 28-year-old Juan David Lopez and 42-year-old Jose Raul Veles, who arrived in the city from Granada (Meta) and were accused of being the perpetrators of the attack.

During the investigation, the detainees say that Judge Lilia Ospeda has given them four million pesos in exchange for the attackbecause the police said the woman was a lover to the former wife of the official.

The detained person and her mother, Julia Alberta Fuentes, who was also involved in the trial, will be taken to a public hearing on the legalization of the capture at the Ibage Palace of Justice.


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