Sunday , June 4 2023

Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift are involved in new controversies, what is it about?


Singers Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift were included this Sunday in a new poem after the critic of the artist to entrepreneur Suther Brown, a friend of Bieber.

In her Tumblr account, the American made a publication in which she denied that her music rights had been left to Brown, which she claimed to have been the victim of manipulative "harassment."

Entrepreneur Braun has recently acquired the label "Big Machine Label Group," which holds the copyright for Taylor's music.

"I learned about the purchase of my" masters "by Scout Brown, all I could think of was the constant and manipulative intimacy I have received from their hands for years," says the artist.

In the publication, Swift tells several times that she has been attacked or intimidated by Brown.

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Among them, he recalls the case when Biber joined Kanye West and Brown to "intimidate" her with Instagram, in the middle of a case between her and rapper West.

This is Bieber's Instagram. This happened in 2016:

Justin Bieber Canyon West Scooter Brown

Hours after the request, Biber publishes in Instagram a text apologizing to Taylor for his "painful" publication, which he now recognizes as "unpleasant and insensitive."

Canadians, however, criticize Swift for attacking businessman Brown, saying he "backed" and "has nothing to do" with controversial photography.

"Getting him into social networks and turning people into the hatred of Scooter is not fair." What did you try to achieve when you published this blog? I think this is to get sympathy. Bieber said.

This crossroads of comments between the two artists generated thousands of social networking responses where the WeWe with Taylor label and the name of Bieber became a global trend.

Other celebrities, including Demi Lovato, who came to Brown's defense, took part in the discussion. For his reaction, he also received network criticism:

In addition, model and actress Kara Delevingen are interfering in criticizing Bobby's wife, Haley Baldwin, for describing him as a "gentleman" in his "excuse" with Taylor.

Also, Mandy Teefey, mother of Selena Gomez, with whom Bieber had a relationship, came out to defend Taylor.

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