Wednesday , August 10 2022

La Casa de Papel interrupts the tears of Instagram to rebel against the posture in networks


Miguel Heran has left all his followers without words at Instagram. The actor, who is one of the Spanish people, followed most after the flowering of La Casa de Papel in half the world, shared a post in his Instagram account, where he cried inconsolable without saying a word. Only one plane was weeping.

Miguel Heran wept in his post at Instagram

Miguel Heran wept in his post at Instagram

What was the reason for this post? The interpreter explained it in the description of the video, although it is clear that there is no exact reason for this sea of ​​tears. Today I decided to give you a sincere part of me. I will not go into the details of what's going on with me because I do not even know"he explained at the foot of the contents, making it clear that he wanted to show himself with complete truth.

This is the insult mentioned in the publication itself. Also, the translator of "Elite" reported that "can upload a thousand great pictures I've collected to feed this lying machine that's Instagram"I assure you that this way" I could inflate my ego and fill my void with likes. "

Around the corner

The third season of The Paper House is about to arrive and is that the jump to Netflix will be effective for all users of July 19th, the day you can enjoy the episodes of the third session. However, this will not be the last time we see the most famous group of robbery literature, because the streaming portal has already confirmed that there will be a fourth season,

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