Friday , May 20 2022

La Equidad – Royal Pari, result of the Copa Suda South American Cup


La Equidad won a very important victory in the second round of the Copa Suramericana. During their visit to Royal Pari, Bolivia, insurers won 1-2 in a match that had them as the best team and the use of VAR for the first time in this tournament.

In 7 minutes Amari Toralow missed the ball near his area, Guerra sent the ball into the area and the ball could not be cleared by Diego Novo and Vargas nodded to surpass Royal Money.

But this goal does not demotivate the Colombian team, which has continued to look for a way to uncover a solid Bolivian defense.

In Royal Pari, the creature passed through Vmar Vásquez and Jhon Mosquera, two Colombians who were members of the Bolivian club, but La Equidad's players blocked them by the end of the first half.

In the second half La Equidad again had control of the ball, but failed to find a way to beat his rivals.

Thus Umberto Sierra began to change his chips and with the outside play with Christian Palomek and David Kamacho managed to find the spaces needed to create a game. In addition to Stalin's incomes, Motta gave more experience to midfielders.

By the 80th minute, Andres Corea sent a big center with his left foot, and Eaton Gonzalez stopped him with his chest and sent him to the bottom of the net without letting him go.

La Equidad continued to attack and the 90th Palomoque fell into the area, Judge Samaniego sentenced a criminal. The prosecution was Mota, but the ball was surrounded by goalkeeper Araujo and finally took the ball.

1-2 came minutes later when Gonzalez again took a good center to head the ball with power.

While the game seemed to end, Royal Pari scored a goal that the Bolivians did in rage, but VAR canceled the action on the ground.

In this way, La Equidad has achieved an important victory in the re-launch of Copa Sudamericana and will now seek to maintain this advantage in local conditions.

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