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Mazda3 2019, gourmet car with great design


«Everyone can cook» Auguste Gusto (Ratatouille, 2007)

Dona Manuela threw a man last month who said she was a guide. She said, after all: she had eaten, paid the bill, admitted her identity, and wanted to go into the kitchen to congratulate her, even though we told her it was not a good idea. Donna Manuela does not like compliments or guides, so she asked him to leave and she did not even think of writing anything in her tavern on paper or on the internet. Before the poor inspector's whispering ("this is the first time he happened to me," he said) he took a broom and pushed it to the door in a bad way. We tried to calm her, picked up the briefcase of the poor man and handed it back to the door, shrugging. "Donja Manuela is like that," we said as an explanation. Then we rush to the kitchen, trying to conceal our expectations. Because daña Manuela, when I get angry, is when she really does magic with her stove.

Occasionally Galician, she picked up the pieces she had chosen at the auction this morning and wiped them with a sigh using a knife she had been sharpened just before she closed herself with the stone her father had already used. Soon, the onion of their own garden was poured into the casserole in a stream of well-measured fat, and Donja Manuella released the parrots of the parishes to give the aroma of the oil and immediately pulled them out, but not before they sprinkled with wine, which made his brother close. from Valladolid. At that moment the smell made us cry, not the onion. «Guides, guides to whom? Who wants to bring this guide to me? To my house! No one stood between the stove and the stove until the tomatoes and the potatoes covered by the spell were included in a stew.

He moved in the kitchen, as if in a trance, but his hands seemed to lie down gracefully, pursuing them as though they knew what to do without being guided. In the end, fragrances spilled like magic on cooking, which took them with a grumbling gurgle. The herbs from a box she held in her apron pocket and who gathered religiously every Sunday morning before coming to hear the table and discuss with Father Antonio while she brought her to the pub. When the sign was ready, the muffled audience filled the kitchen. Those of us who worked for her admired her as an audience with an exceptional translator … because she was one. He looked at us contemptuously and said, "Do you bring bread and try this?" He did not have to repeat it.

Mazda3 Information Sheet

Eating is a meal, but food is often more than food. And gourmet food is not always what you find in restaurants that can not be paid, where you have to book a table years ago, and sometimes a master chef inspired by his own land cooked in a modest bistro. intensive and rewarding And this is also happening in the automotive industry with a handful of manufacturers and Mazda is an example.

We have already mentioned in other cases that Mazda is not an ordinary car company and that it is confronted with their design and production in a very specific way. The cars of this Japanese company will never see them among the top sellers, but it is enough to climb one of them to see that another philosophy leads them. A good example of this is what you can see on your own web page where, in addition to the well-known list of models and company history, we will find several tabs, but those that have attracted our attention are those that are appear as we are drivers, we are designers and we are engineers.

Mazda Spirit

In these sections, we can see a little of the spirit that Mazda penetrates in their cars and that is primarily due to the pleasure of driving but does not lose sight of the elements of efficiency and ecology that were exactly the characters in the latest generation of engines, which, for example, equipped the new Mazda3, that we had the luck to try.

This is the new generation of Skyactiv engines. We tested the Mazda3 with a Skyactiv-G 122 horsepower engine, which thanks to the soft hybridization system receives DGT's ECO label, with the subsequent emission reduction. But the real star will be Skyactiv-X, also gasoline, which offers 180 horses and a revolutionary compression ignition system (same as that of diesel engines) that we hope will be able to test later.

One of the proofs that Mazda engineers are reluctant to insist is that these soft hybrid engines typically carry a 48-volt engine to support the operation of the internal combustion engine. Mazda engineers have adapted an electric motor with only 24 volts because that's enough. And the results obtained in terms of tact in driving, benefits, consumption and emissions, the truth is that they do not take the cause, as we will see later.

Revolutionary engines in Mazda3

Skyactiv-G, which tested the new Mazda3, remains on 122 horses and although its concept is not as revolutionary as X, it also equips the soft hybrid system and is designed to make the most of the fuel system. To achieve this, as is the tradition in Mazda, we do not use a turbo-booster system, but rather an increase in the compression ratio to 14 to 1 (comparable to that of the sports car engine).

First, this requires a special design for various engine components such as the exhaust, multipoint injection system or the special cavity pistons at the top to increase airflow and optimize combustion. All this, according to Mazda, leads to a 15% increase in fuel efficiency and benefits in the emissions section.

The pencils of Mazda

If one is to admire the technology that Mazda engineers have packaged in their new engines, we can not forget that, as stated on their website, they are also designers. And the Mazda3 lines we had in our hands are a true reflection of that. When you consider it, you can not feel that you are facing an Italian design because of the aggressive and attractive lines. A car that attracts attention and that we will not get tired of his design. This is one of those cars whose line is resisting the passing time.

It has an aggressive front with very sharp headlamps pointing to a large ventilation grille in black and a front spoiler beneath it, also in black, which protrudes from the front. The rear part offers wide armor with optical bands, constructed from two circular elements that give it a very individuality. The rear door is compact and the spoiler is set very high by the soft drop of the moon. The double escape provides the necessary sporting move on the set.

The profile draws attention with aerodynamic care, outlined in lines that at some points cause unavoidable visibility victims without going further than the large C-pillar on the back, and this is accompanied by body irregularities that reinforce the character of this a Japanese car designed to attract the eyes. The 18-inch wheels that show the brakes are the icing on the cake.

Mazda3's KODO interior

Inside the new Mazda3, the tradition of the Japanese manufacturer is to offer good finishes and pay special attention to the driver's position. We really liked the design and layout of the seats where, as with the other elements of the car, sportsmanship prevailed so they were placed close to the ground and designed so that the side grip was very good. However, they are very comfortable and the fabric has an excellent touch.

The other elements of the driving position were also very careful. The three-spoke steering wheel has an attractive design with hands that slide down to the steering axle and the center stands out and gives the set a harvest. Steering is designed to be comfortable, but they are grouped in such a way that they do not interfere with the design uniformity of this element. The steering wheel adjustment is also improved, allowing us a longer time to adjust it to our liking.

Also the indicator area is modified and always with the spirit that combines sport and simplicity. Obviously, this is a set of classical three-sphere indicators with the tachometer needle indicators on the left, a center-to-center speedometer, and fuel and fuel volume on the right.

But the sphere of the center is actually a high-resolution screen that shows the speedometer along with other additional information such as autonomy, outside temperature or consumption (also shows when the electric motor starts to work). This screen is configured to show speed in figures, but the truth is that it is supposed to break the illusion that it is the steering wheel of a 70s sports car, so this is the configuration we tried but quickly returned to its original state.

Mazda3: Japanese Simplicity

The other elements of the front follow the philosophy of simplicity of KOSO kilosophy, which also serves as an inspiration for the body line. Completions of this version (Zenith) also include leather details that emphasize the elegance of the interior. The information and entertainment screen is 7 inches and is right on top.

Mazda has made the decision, as it is so far, that it is not tactile to avoid driving disturbance and has, as with previous models, a large-size control system and easy access buttons right after moving the lever you do not have to move the hand to take control of information and playback options as well as navigation. The system has Android Auto and Apple Car Play.

The system is complemented in all versions by a true HUD system that projects information directly on the windscreen. The height of the projection can be adjusted to adapt to the driver's eye height and provides speed, navigation, and other useful information to complement the LEDs and the center screen.

Parking is assisted

Special attention is paid to the system of parking cameras, which offer very high resolution and accuracy. On the other hand, an element is needed because the rear and side visibility are somewhat limited by the body design. He accompanies them in the model that we tested a very comprehensive driver assistance package that includes adaptive headlamps, radar cruise control, motion assistant, fatigue detector … It has to be said that another emergency braking system, He has sensitivity, sometimes excessive. Something to look into in future versions and updates.

In general, all functions are available and there are quick keys and buttons for the most used features. Very simple and discreet air conditioning controls placed next to the power button. In the model we tested, the wireless charge option in the compartment was mounted to the gear lever. Finally, for this finish, the Mazda3 includes the excellent Bose sound system, which along with the soundproofing allows you to enjoy classical music to the loudest rock without having to reach the limits of the amplifier and without excessive vibration in the panels.


The rear of the car is something more sacrificed in access to the sporty body design. However, the seats are very comfortable and the touch of the upholstery is excellent, although it is surprising that there is no possibility for USB outputs or ventilation openings. The occupants of these seats move comfortably, although the third is a bit more sacrificial, as usual in cars of this size. However, side visibility is not good, again due to body design. Yes, he has an armrest with a climbing center.

The rack has good access, although the gap is at a certain height and has internal light. Its 358-liter capacity puts it in the average for tourism of its size and is enough to avoid additional travel and shopping solutions. Under the cover of the trunk floor, we will find a punch-fighting kit and in our case the subwoofer (responsible for Pavarotti's "nessun dorma" sounds vibrating in the cockpit).

But at Mazda, they are also drivers, so in the driving test, we went to check whether Mazda has given up its sporting inspiration by introducing a soft hybridization system and other systems to reduce emissions and to keep consumption. We have no doubt. This Mazda3 gives an incredible predisposition to enjoying driving from the very beginning. A progressive engine, but solid in its accelerations, excellent touch of change, some suspensions that seem to read road conditions, hold firmly in narrow curves but swallow irregularities.

No turbo!

Remarkable is the way a car that has a clear purpose for more sporty use, with an atmospheric engine that needs revs to feel comfortable, has a smooth and relaxed job when we drive it with ease, such as in urban trips. This is a major contribution of the soft hybridization system beyond the consumption and emissions figures (which are, of course, good).

As we say, the city's operation is flawless and even surprising, such as the start and stop system called Mazda's i-stop, which is the fastest way to launch those we've tried. There is simply no waiting between the moment we step on the clutch to start when the engine stops at the traffic light. It is so natural and immediate that we seem to be moving into a traditional hybrid or electric car. And here we have also decided that the help of the small 24V electric motor is partly responsible.

On the road, Mazda3 masquerades as Mazda and returns the driving experience we are accustomed to those of us who know the behavior of these Japanese cars. Although we often have to make changes, the process is natural and even pleasant, with the joy of redirecting the needle of the speed counter when the gears are overtaken when overtaking or in a curve. The reactions of the car in terrain were rigid and always predictable.

Sigh for X

The only thing we can do with the Mazda's behavior is some lack of power in restoring or overtaking, because if those moments that catch a low turn will force us to demand the engine and the reaction, but it is not fast. And given that the 180 hp version with an even more sophisticated engine on its way to land, we can say that Skyactiv-G is the most reasonable and balanced solution, but X is most predictably recommended for those looking for sensations. We'll see it.

The consumption of Mazda3 is quite low. We can keep average values ​​of less than six liters a hundred with little care and we can easily exceed eight liters if we do not have one. This is an engine that requires some adaptation if we are used to turbo-mechanics because this energy supply and this sudden push will not come to us, but we have a more progressive operation that gives it a unique personality.


The Mazda 3 is a car that supports Mazda's suggestion that cars are less polluting and safer without losing the sporty spirit that has always poured their models. Although we have tried the less powerful version of this bet by the Japanese manufacturer, we have confirmed that this bet is serious and that this motorization is in line with this commitment.

But not everything else to design a high-tech engine with unique features. The Mazda 3 is a truly attractive car, with exceptional interior and upholstery features, with advanced driving assistance and a touch in both quiet driving and more sporty and excellent personality. Perfect candidate for those who want sports adapted to emission control requirements and containing consumption.

Final evaluation


Mazda shows how the future of cars with a sporty character can be, but with respect to the environment with spectacular design and excellent coatings and equipment

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