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Melanom causes the death of 70% of those who suffer from this by late diagnosis of La Crónica del Quindío


Exposure to solar radiation from time to time, in activities like vacation, is the most damaging form of skin.

Melanom causes death in 70% of those who suffer from it through late diagnosis

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Melanoma, a type of skin cancer, causes the death of 70% of those who suffer, mainly because most of the time finds itself in an advanced state– the specialist warned on Wednesday.

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The doctor Lucia Acel, a member of the Mexican Society for Dermatological and Oncological Surgery, said at a conference worldwide 160,000 new cases have been diagnosed and 57,000 die from this condition,

Acel emphasized that exposure to solar radiation sometimes in activities such as vacations, This is the most harmful form for the skin, as it spends more time under the sun's rays and most of the time without adequate protection.

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Multiple malls, the use of solariums, and pancreatic cancer, are also risk factors for developing this condition.

He also said that the use of computers and smart devices is risky, as these devices emit light that generates free radicals which cause cell aging in an accelerated way.

This, combined with oxidation, can initiate a process cell mutation that originates from melanoma,

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Meanwhile, the doctor Miguel Angel Alvrier AvvisiaOncologist at the melanoma clinic at INCan added that there are currently cases of melanoma in younger people,

In fact, 18% of deaths in people aged 25 to 29 years of the due to melanoma, he said.

He stressed that this is preventable and curable cancer if detected early; However, for this purpose, self-study is essential because most cases reach the specialist after an average of six months to detect the lesion.

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– highlights Alvarez Avici A Self-Study, known as "A, B, C, D, E" in moles that appear all over the body.

This applies to asymmetry in the mall, Bordes wrong, color this is not the same in the mole, diameter more than 6 millimeters evolutionthese are the changes the mall may have.

The oncologist notes that melanoma It is very aggressive and can produce metastasis in the skin, soft tissues, bones, lung, liver and central nervous system, in a patient who has a poor diagnosis and the treatment progresses in the lung and liver. "

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He added that a large proportion of patients with melanoma die with metastasis in the central nervous system,

Both specialists agreed The use of sunscreen products is the best way to prevent the development of this type of cancer and they insist that this disease does not just happen in clear skins.


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