Monday , May 16 2022

Nerve transplant, an operation that is already possible in Australia


The operation allowed Paul Robinson, who after paralysis of the spine to do something like a cup to his mouth.

According to experts, nerve transplantation is a kind of reconfiguration of this complex system of restoring autonomy in the movements.

Until recently, taking a sip of water in the mouth was impossible for Paul Robinson, an Australian man who was paralyzed after spinal trauma, which interferes with the messages sent by his brain to cause a reaction.

His life, however, changed thanks to a surgery in Melbourne that allowed his nerves to reconfigure to return the movements in his arms and hands.

The operation is called a nerve transfer.

According to surgeons in Australia, the technique is to take advantage of the nerves that work, cut and then connect with the nerves that control other muscles, thus allowing the hand to lengthen or the arm to open and shut down.

So far, the operation has been carried out on four people, who have just regained some mobility and independence.

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