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News of Warframe Revealed in TennoCon 2019: Extensions, Upgrades, Updates, New Introduction, Award-Winning Event and more –


Developer Digital limbs the annual conference was held recently Warframe, TennoCon 2019, in which he revealed some details about all the new content that will come to this action title, in addition to the new Warframes.

We leave everything below:


Hire a team of four players to kidnap, assault and sabotage the entire system of origin. Connect to ground support teams, attack enemy ships, explore the ruins of your heirs, kill kills and receive awards for your missions in deep space.

  • Attack and steal enemy ships: infiltrate enemy ships using Archwings, kill the captain, and take the helm of your ship! It's time to become a Hustle Space Nine, Teno.
  • Dynamic Situations: During missions you need to take into account the additional dangers to complete your mission successfully. The TennoLive Demo has shown Void Storms that can disable the team, the groups that can cross your Railjack and Infested ambush deep into an old Orokin ruin.
  • Use the Squad Link signal: Go beyond your individual goal and enter a larger mission by contacting other Tenno squadrons via Squad Link. In multi-objective missions from space, players can call on other players active in Fortunas or Plains from Eidolon (or vice versa) to support a greater cause: to reduce enemy ships' shields, steal valuable data, and more; as the new war is approaching.
  • Personalize and improve everything: Drydock is the personal hangar of your Railjack. Improve the equipment, cosmetics and reinforcements of your warship with weapons such as automatic cannons, pulse laser, controlled rocket launchers, stun weapons / PEM and bait for counteraction. Improve Shields, Motor, Armor, and Stealth by using the resources found during your trips. Decorate your experience by personalizing aesthetics of colors and primary, secondary and tertiary tones. And of course, name your ship with a personal name printed on Railjack's breastplate.
  • Kingpin System: The enemies have begun to adapt to Tenno's mortality, and there will also be royal horsemen. More info soon.


Become the first real space ninja. Play now to win $ 250,000 for a space trip!

Read the full rules and regulations here.


Check out the new introduction to Warframe, directed by Dan Trachttenberg (Uncharted, Black Mirror, 10 Cloverfield Lane)!


It's time to get together, Tenno.

The next open world of Warframe is under development.


When Sentients attack, we need to get together. Or we will lose everything.

The new war, Warframe's next movie, will arrive at Christmas in 2019.


The next show of Nora Nosta follows Arlo's outstanding story. As history progresses, you will learn more about Arlo and his mission to relieve our deepest wounds.


Series 2 brings a new set of infected thematic awards you can get! Go through the 30 levels to unlock these limited time prizes before the end of the series.

Enter and receive unique prizes like:

• Collect Emigrant Operator (Level 30): Be as worshipers of Arlo with this collection of cosmetic cosmetics.
• Quitoide Sentinel Pack (Level 29): Provides each Sentinel package with an infection with this package.
• Protosomida shoulder strap (Level 28): Disgusting tentacles that open from these shoulder pads.
• Shape Umbra (Level 26): Apply the Umbra polarity to any military frame or weapon.
• Ephemeral Spores (Level 19): Leaves traces of dirt at each step.
• And much more!


Look for Respect to the Emissary through Series 2 to spend on Nora's suggestions. Once you have reached level 30, continue with the Series to get more respect and spend it in your store!

Visit night wave admissions to get the rewards you want most, including Nitain extract, weapons with helmets and helmets, catalysts, reactors, and rare auras. Have not you pursued Wolf in Series 1? Buy a lighthouse from Wolf to Nora with Your Respect to the Emissary! Respect must be claimed before the end of the series or sold for credits, so use it before the loss of the show.


Based on the feedback, Nightwave Series 2 presents a set of changes that reduce the time and pressure to receive rewards.

• To catch up! – We've added an option so you can play the acts of the previous weeks in case you missed them!

• Less time invested! – Less weekly and weekly acts of the elite, but still giving the same reputation as you would get from Series 1! Also, we are thinking of giving you a Night Wave Respect as the initial prize for participating in the series!

• Changes in Acts! – We have reduced the time and circle requirement for some endless missions, and we have reduced the cost of Aytan statues (this was done during Series 1). In addition, we have eliminated the "friends" requirements of all acts of Night Wave!

• New acts! – Including the most important … stroke your kubrow or kavat. We have included some laws on cuba missions, modem transitions and K-Drives!

Read the night wave development seminar to learn more!


Using completely rewritten visualization technology in its own Evolution Engine, the Warframe chart never looked better.

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