Sunday , June 4 2023

Nine dead in the crash of motorcycle crash in Cordoba


The car that invades the opposite strip hit at least five motorcycles, killing nine people in the spot and seriously injuring two others.

A total of nine people, among whom is a minor, lost their lives after a dump, which drove around five motorcycles along the road from the municipality of Momoil to San Andrés de Sotovento, in the Sub-Sui suburb of Cordoba.

The incident was recorded on the night of this week, June 29, at the height of the El Cerro sector, at a time when members of two families were mobilized in several motorcycles to their homes in the rural area of ​​San. Andrés de Sotavento, after being in corraleja, that these days are held in the municipality of Momil.

The fact was confirmed by the Cordoba police commander, Colonel Jairo Baquero Puentes, who assured the truck driver had escaped from the scene but was already fully identified by what his men had worked for.

Some people point out that the driver of the heavy vehicle has gone in search of the authorities to surrender but has not yet been established.

The CTI Prosecutor's Offices and the National Police units have determined the transfer of the bodies to be transferred to the medical institutions in the municipality of Lorica for rigorous examinations at the place of the facts.

So far, there is little detail about this incident. It was unofficially known that the occupants of the motorcycle had left the coral, but at the height of the aforementioned route the plane would have invaded the opposite band and overloaded the people who had been mobilized on at least five motorcycles.

Strong influence caused the death of the nine people on the ground while two others were assisted and moved from the emergency room to various medical centers where at that time they were torn between life and death.

So far, the identity of the deceased and the victims is unknown.

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