Sunday , August 1 2021

One shot and one was destroyed by several vehicles: two cargoes were killed in Medellin

After a shootout with uniformed police, two dead expeditions caught in flagrante delicto executed their crimes in the El Poblado sector, southeast of Medellin, Antioquia.

As Colonel Pablo Ruiz, deputy commander of the Metropolitan Police, said, these people tried to rob a couple in the vehicle. This reality forces the reaction of uniformed people from the quadrant, who persecute them.

In the midst of a shootout, one of the cargo ships was killed on location, while another tried to escape on a motorcycle, with bad luck hit by several vehicles passing through the place. In his possession, an electronic bracelet was found for the detention of Inpec's house.

"The police reacted, facing the criminals and as a result, a criminal was killed, others tried to flee but were injured and also killed at the scene. It should be noted that one of the victims had an electronic bracelet from Inpec" The official added.

For now, the authorities, who have recovered valuables and cellphones stolen from the couple, in addition to seizing firearms in the hands of transporters, try to determine what crime the person responds to. Inpec.

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