Friday , May 20 2022

Paraguay arrives with an almost cold "terrier" against Brazil


With the poster of the less-anticipated quarter-finals of Copa America, Paraguay arrives in Porto Alegre to play against Brazil with a few football weapons that allow him to dream of giving the big blow to a hungry host.

The 1-1 draw between the Japanese and the Ecuadorians at the closing of Group C achieved the miracle of guarantors that Eduardo Berizzo could play a "new bowl."

Torito Leader Berizzo passed from high to low in the tournament. They missed two goals against Qatar, finishing 2-2, defeating Argentina (1-1) and falling to Colombia with the least difference.

In addition to the results, Paraguayans' worries go through the weakness shown by the team to maintain the result and lack of creativity to generate football for the attackers.

Derlis Gonzalez won a seat in the team after starting the tournament in the bank and had sparks of good football that give hope to the coach.

"Paraguay has equipment and football to continue in the winch," released Argentina's DT after optimism, after falling over to coffee makers.

Giant Brazil will be the wall that will be cut by guerrillas on Arena Arena to Gremio in Porto Alegre.

Soft equipment?

Outside the team, veteran Guarani Roque Santa Cruz asked fans for patience to allow Berizzo to develop his work with confidence and face the South American qualifiers, with the mission to return the gurus to the Qatar-2022 World Cup.

"As a team we have something we need to improve (…), but this is a team that is very rich, I hope they will soon be more comfortable playing together," said Albirroja's historic goal-maker in an interview with the monumental radio station Paraguay.

In action, sometimes, "we are a bit soft or very inclined to be overcome by the enemy in the physical," said the Olympic striker.

The team needs to smooth out their game to "provide this deficiency or weakness with other aspects that can be better used," added Santa Cruz.

In order to stop Everton, Fhilippe Coutinho and the entire Canary Island attack band, Paraguay will have to look for a new march in the middle and remember the "nail" that over the last decades has made it the toughest defense in South America.

The temperament, the strong brand and the air-to-air bet to make up for football is the historic recipe for football by Guarani, a formula that has fallen into disrepute in recent years, moving the combined elite to Latin American football.

At the home of the five-time Brazilian champion, launched in search of his ninth Copa America, it's time to look for a reincarnation.

Although the dreams of winning seem too much, the presentation of an experienced and disputed match of Titi men would be enough to present the credentials back to the honest circle of the region.

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