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Pisces – Tuesday July 9, 2019: do not worry, everything works as it should be Pisces horoscopes


Astrological News: The moon is in the sign Libra in the vibration of one, from the beginning. Planets Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, who are today in opposition, planetary alignment with the Earth and the Sun at a point close to our planet than Neptune, who is your ruler, as well as planetoids Ceres and Pluto follow retrograde.

Sexy between your ruler Neptune and Saturn and a beautiful trine with the Sun, two great aspects for you this Tuesday! You will adapt to the energy and the way of existence of everyone who enters your life at that time and because of situations beyond your control, they have to share time and space. Try to establish adequate patterns of communication when both are respected. If you prepare in advance for this type of meeting, you will understand how you can easily resolve it, and what disturbs you is to go back.

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I love you
You feel safer in your feelings and opportunities to live intensely in your life and the person you care about finds new nuances of your personality that attract you heavily.

This Tuesday has a square between Jupiter and your regent Neptune, both retrograde, which is presented as a warning. Continue your cycle of respiratory sensitivity and therefore you should avoid being in places where there are people who smoke or smoke because only the smell of cigarettes or tobacco will be enough to irritate the bronchi and the throat.

I work
Times change and every day challenges your intelligence and professionalism. If you are confronted with changing technologies, do not let them be threatened by them. Start studying them and you will not have any difficulties in your current job, but do not be frightened and you do not stay behind.

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Money and wealth
Again, we need to take care of the impact of Jupiter's square on Tuesday. Do not deal with companies that are not clear and legally defined because there are people with bad influences around you who are trying to get involved in their shady deals to ask for money and borrowed resources that would generate debts.

Astral biorhythm of today
Sexual energy level this Tuesday: high.
The cosmic dynamics you need to take advantage of: your empathy, the innate knowledge of human nature and the psyche.
A dangerous trend today on Tuesday in your Pisces sign: distrust of your own capabilities, putting brakes and restrictions.
What we should avoid: pessimistic attitudes, bitterness.
Phrase of the Day: a thief in white gloves who steals someone else.

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Prediction for a pair for today on Tuesday
Best Relationship Today: This Tuesday will work very well for you if your partner is a sign of water and also land.
The most tense relationship: avoid controversy with local residents of Aries.
Your current compatibility: the compatibility wave is good, although there are problems with signs of fire.
If you are unmarried or unmarried: under the effluxion of planetary trellis and sextile that take place this Tuesday with your regent Neptune, you will notice how you will turn to people who will appreciate your company a lot.

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