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Plan yourself! The day without a car and without a motorcycle in Bucaramanga will last for 10 hours


A. 8:00, today, Wednesday, June 26, begins the day of "Day without a car and without a motorcycle" which will only apply to the capital Santander. In other words, there will be free movement of vehicles in Floridablanca, Giron and Piedekueesta.

In accordance with the provisions of the Trafficking Directorate of Bukharamanga, Resolution 214 of 2019, the working day will be kept in working hours. It will end at 18:00. However, drivers need to take note of some key points in order to plan their routes and not be subject to sanctions by the authorities.

However, the chosen timetable aims to facilitate the relocation of citizens who can not or do not want to use means of transport other than yours; between 6:00 and 8:00, and between 18:00 and 08:00, peak and plate will remain valid for personal vehicles and motorcycles, which on this occasion will correspond to figures 7 and 8. This means that this measure will not undergo any change.

As part of the programming, Segmentation 27 was also planned, south to north, from Puerto del Sol to the Santander Industrial University to facilitate the movement of cyclists and pedestrians. One of the three bands will be taken as a bicycle path.

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But if we talk about alternatives to mobility, municipal authorities will ensure the provision of collective urban public transport and inter-municipal, departmental and national radio. Taxis will be exempt from any kind of restrictions.

Regarding the operation of the integrated mass transit system, Julián Arenas, Director of Metrolínea Operations, informs that it will develop regularly with the entire operational fleet at 4:30. until 23:00

But as each rule has its own exception, the various Ciudad Bonita corridors will be allowed for public vehicles, emergency medical care, control bodies and state security agencies, specialized medical care, externally identified and transporting disabled people with others.

Those who arrive on the road and later use the roads must keep the bill of lading, which will give them one hour to store the vehicle; otherwise, this would result in a fine of nearly $ 400,000 including the immobilisation of the car.


By Resolution 467 of 2019, Florida's Directorate for Traffic and Transportation ordered Pico y Placa to be temporarily built for tax-type vehicles today, June 26, 2006, as set out in Resolution 595 of 2006.

The previous provision has been approved as a result of the no-car and motorcycle day driving in Bucaramanga today.

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