Thursday , October 28 2021

Recommendations for viewing the Perseids, meteor shower in Colombia


A meteor shower called Tuesday Perseids or tears of San Lorenzo, can be seen in many parts of the world, and the brightest moment is expected to be at dawn this Wednesday, August 14th. on Planetarium Medellin makes the following recommendations to see this show in Colombia:

– Get out of the city lights.
-If not possible, look for a place with little artificial lights or preferably covered and point only to the ground.
– Warm up and lie down comfortably. The best meteor watching hours are after midnight, but you can start at 9: oo p.m. or 10:00 am and extends until 4:00 pm
– Be patient. Although maximum perseids can read more than 100 meteors per hour, the full moon could shade many of them and show only the brightest. So if you spend a few minutes without seeing a meteor, you don't have to lose hope, according to astronomers.
– No telescope or specialized equipment is needed to enjoy the meteor shower if the sky is clear.

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Starry Night

There are seven major meteor rainfall and several light rainfall during the year. Of these, the Persians are characterized by having the brightest meteors, even some cars, that can last two or three seconds. There's also a show called Leonids, which can be seen in November and is the largest, with up to 300 meteors per hour, he explains the Medellin Planetarium,

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Finally, it must be borne in mind that given the glow achieved by the Perseids, this event may be considered as the most important event to be presented this year.

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