Tuesday , September 21 2021

Red circle against the head of the ELN, fire test for Venezuela – Crime – Justice

& # 39; Antonio García & # 39; second in the ELN command line and member of the Central Command (Coce), & & # 39; Ramiro Vargas & # 39 ;, also members of COCE, joining Tuesday this list of heads of groups armed with Interpol red circles , namely by an international arrest warrant.

Of the five members of the ELN leadership, the maximum leader, Nicolás Rodríguez Bautista, aka Gabino, and Gustavo Aníbal Giraldo Quinchía, aka Pablito, already had a red circle. guerrillero which has military control of most armed groups and which, due to its links to drug trafficking, is one of the organization's biggest funders.

Information in the hands of Colombian authorities shows that both & # 39; Pablito & # 39 ;, & # 39; García & # 39; and & # 39; Vargas & # 39; in the territory of Venezuela.

After an international arrest warrant, the state police where the people needed are required to find and arrest them. Therefore, The question now is whether the Venezuelan authorities will fulfill this obligation or whether they will ignore it, which will explain support to the ELN from which they have been appointed. On Sunday, the Venezuelan National Guard reported that three of its members were killed in an operation against ELN.

Today, the only member of the international arrest warrant without ELN Central Command is & # 39; Pablo Beltrán & # 39 ;, who has been the leader of the guerrilla team in peace negotiations and, under these conditions, remains in Havana (Cuba) in expecting the resumption of dialogue with the current government, the fact that, given the current situation, it seems increasingly distant.

Among other reasons because guerrilla groups have survived kidnappings, killings of civilians and attacks on the Public Force, even though the condition of President Ivan Duque to continue the peace process is that the guerrillas release all those in their country. strength Just a few weeks ago, peace commissioner Miguel Ceballos confirmed that the North West Front ELN was the author of the kidnapping of Amagá, Antioquia merchant Diana María Toro Vélez, who had disappeared since September 27.

Ceballos also said that the same Eln front had Cardona Freddy Arlendy Rangel in his possession. In addition, alias Pablito will be kidnapped in the states of Apure in Venezuela, José Leonardo Ataya Rodríguez and Rafael Andrés Riaño. While these facts are presented and attacks on civilians continue, the ELN ensures that they are ready to restart the peace dialogue.

Prosecutors accused members of the guerrilla group of killing 3 geologists working at Antioquia for Canadian mining company Continental Gold. Geologists Laura Flórez, Camilo Tirado and Henry Martínez were attacked on the evening of September 20 at Yarumal.


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