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Reprogramming can make men produce eggs and women, sperm


SPAIN. – Recently,
a clinic dedicated to the treatment of infertility that takes advantage of the celebrations
to the pride of LGBT, offered the opportunity for a homosexual couple to
you have children with genetic information for both, and that can be very soon
be a reality

you are taking
normal cells, can be reprogrammed
and create sperm and egg, which after fertilization should be
an implant in the womb of a woman.

According to El Pais, the technique would work equally for heterosexual couples that they can not naturally produce their own eggs and semen.

Some more
For a decade, Japanese researcher Shinya Yamanaka has done something like this
the opposite time

One of the theoretical uses of cell reprogramming is
transform the skin cell, for example, into an egg
the original cell and the one that has the ability to differentiate in all cells
needed to build a whole body.

In people,
So far with this technique it has only been possible to create the forerunners of

Research in this area is intense and the achievements in animal models have

In 2016 a
a group of researchers led by Katsuhiko Hayashi, from the University of
Kyushu, in Japan, manages to produce fully functional mice
of pluripotent stem cells.

they are subjected to in vitro fertilization eggs cultivated in the laboratory
placed them in female female mice for their pregnancy. Although the process
have little success, some of these pregnancies have produced offspring
fertile, who later had their own young ones.

In 2018, a Chinese team managed to overcome another obstacle
mammals, unlike other animal groups, can not multiply
between same-sex couples.

The footprint
Genomics means that under normal conditions there are different father or genes
the mother who turns on or off.

When there is
combination between the two sexes, the embryo can be viable because
adding enabled and disabled genes makes the system work, but if
creates sperm from the female cells, the genes that
remain muted in the egg and in the semen will be the same
the system will fail.

researchers led by Chi Chhou from the Chinese Academy of Sciences,
have done the genetic manipulations necessary to avoid this problem, and
They have managed to produce 29 viable generations of 210 embryos. Your attempt to
Doing the same thing with the males failed.

demonstrate that the process is working in humans, as was done in mice
needed to create and destroy embryos, something that can be done in countries like EE
UU or England, but not in Spain. – A process of five or ten is forthcoming
years with a lot of checks, "said Carlos Simon, scientific director of
Igenomix, a company dedicated to reproductive genetics.

Anna Veiga,
Director of the Cell Line Bank of the Center for Regenerative Medicine
Barcelona said that "in humans, the last thing that has been achieved is to produce
homozygos that are precursors to oocytes, but in many
imperfect, "he says.

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