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Team Crash Competitions Nitro-Fuel is the latest upcoming theme to be tackled by the hero created by Uncommon dogThe disgust caused by the hero's arrival and departure jumping from one studio to another with little or no happiness made him fall into a pit of contempt that neither the original games nor their subsequent kart game celebration deserve.

Rarely play 20 years behind him he is able to withstand the time that inevitably shows the great work behind a formula categorized by always as the second. Because yes, this is born as a clone of Mario Kart, but his personality and sum of ideas make it a game that does not fade before the Nintendo saga.

The plumber in the room

The mention of the plumber's game is inevitable because, in essence, Race against Nitroas the original, it is born precisely from there. At a time when Crash Bandicoot was considered an official Sony mascot, it seemed logical to seek a version of Mario's mythical spinoff.

Let's say this is one of those cases in which, for the hero's glory, we could get some nonsense. Not because of the fact that it is in front of a small game, but simply a response Mario Cart It would be useful for the project to move forward and reap good sales.


Received and captured here in his I do it againOn the other hand, this is a huge jump that not only matches the classic rules of this type of game but also plays with new ideas and suggestions from third parties that do not appear in the Nintendo karting game. The uninformed dog did not try to fulfill to take advantage of the first Crash Bandicoot and Beenox he does not intend to do the same with the recent success of Trilogy by Crash Bandicoot N. Sane.

The studio responsible for remake does not only collect what has been sown by Crash Team Racing, it expands and improves with the intention of doing Race against Nitro a more round, bigger and more demanding game than what was already the original. The result is a fantastic game that serves not only as a shot of nostalgia, but also as a face-and-face game that faces for the first time.

Huge game full of possibilities

Divided into several game modes that include isolated races or tournaments, time trials, or stand-alone and joint challenges, the two biggest stars of Race against Nitro They are his story and online mode.

Keep the same level of spades with friends that has already adorned more than a weekend two decades ago

It is the latter that has come in worse conditions, but nothing worries that patchwork and server improvement can not solve.

The promise of preserving the game over time based on new schemes and symbols is something we should be grateful for, but a task that despite well-painted paper today, Beenox still has to work in the future to consider it for trump.

The corresponding amount of challenges and regimes end up playing with countless hours available, which, moreover, strive to go a little further when they invite us to unlock symbols, karts, and skins.

Running the sliders and their operation are the great differentiator in terms of other style games

Another reason to attract the attention of those who have done good or badly does not affect the characteristics of each runner.

Nonetheless, they appear to be weak places of no particular importance. At least on the basis of the reasons why I came Race against Nitro: Play solo in story mode and enjoy a split screen multiplayer that maintains the same level of spikes with friends that have been more than a weekend adorned two decades ago.

Skill, search and some poor milk

The friends we played then did not have too much room to get together with Crash and the company, but the same formula showed it worked perfectly in the family in recent days. Of course, there are still hours for all of us to be on the same level because it's not a game easy to master,

Big Star of Race against Nitro it's your turbo system again. In addition to those gathered from the floor in the form of an article, the acceleration zones we find on the runway and the thrust involved in making a big leap, driving the sliders and their work are the great differentiator in terms of other style games. ,


L1 or R1 – or the corresponding button on other platforms – serve to make the character a small jump that will come in the slider depending on where we point the car in the process. In the beginning, both wheels and exhaust pipe and sidebar will become even more obvious, they will begin to heat up and, at the right point, we can press the alternate button to triggered a turbo,

The process can be extended up to three times, which will push the idea off and generate a much more technical driving system. Not only is it limited to learning to make curves well, but yes master all possibilities perfectly that the kart offers to skip seconds of chronology.

It's not worth slipping like crazy, now you have to do it with control.

Conscious of the extent to which an experienced player can take advantage of this practice, the schemes are offset by diabolical, so it's easy to lose control in a curve and print.

However, in search of an even more demanding system, the bounce over the wall we found years ago is turning into an unpleasant stop. This is already it is not good to slip like a madman, now you also have to do it with control.

How to get hardcore out of control

This duality between the animation and the child's aspect of the game faces its difficulty from the first race of the game. story modeIn it he touches to cross a world that is tormented by chains and trials, which will be a bit short when we are the first in all races.


As is usually the case in other games of the saga, the difference between reaching the end and completing it from beginning to end is more than significant. The first thing that is difficult, but the second is proof of luck. In other words, if we want to go for everything, will suffer even more than in the original delivery.

With a system of artificial intelligence, which is often quite frustrating, all eyes in the competition will be placed on us, as a result of which harassment and demolition from the other opponents who can send you from the first position to the last one in seconds.

While it is true that this makes victories even better, this makes our journey through the historic mode of travel, which can often result in that disappointingEspecially when your chances of winning are not on the table and you continue to get attacks while the other runners are calm on the track.

The opinion of VidaExtra

Race against Nitro This is the lastI'm here– From the orange bag. Another sample of the quality their games appreciate during their first season and how solid they are to today. It's also the best face of kart games that do not come from Nintendo's hand, probably a point over the fantastic Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

Great visual work, a variety of content and quality that makes it an appropriate title that remains at the door of the essentials, but that is undoubtedly strongly recommendedIn the same way that you associate songs with events or smells at certain times, this is one of those games you catch in the early summer and that you will remember over the years with love,

Race against Nitro

Race against Nitro

platforms Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 (Analyzed Version)
multiplayer Yes
entrepreneur Beenox
company Activision
release It's already there
price 34,90 euros

The best

  • Huge and very fun game
  • Working at a visual level is to create a framework
  • A worthy rival of Mario Kart


  • That stayed at 30fps
  • AI of the opponent is offensive fraud

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