Sunday , August 1 2021

Rincon forgets his way through Santa Fe and thinks only of the millionaire: "You have to be a champion"

Freddy Rincon reappeared on the Colombian football card after confirming that he was accompanying Jorge Luis Pinto to the millionaire's technical leadership.

"El Colozo de Buenaventura" hopes to contribute from the edge of his experience and tour of the courts, but exvolante left, on the one hand, his gift to remember his ephemeral passage through Real Madrid.

In 1995, Rincon arrived in the white box at the express request of the coach of that time, Jorge Valdano, but things did not turn out as expected, and Argentina was thrown out shortly after poor performance. Arsenios Iglesias arrived in his place.

Under the coffin of Iglesias, things were not happening to the Colombians who worsened his presence, and eventually went to the back door.

Although he did not dare to disclose the name, Rinson admitted there was a problem with one of the players on the team. "With the only thing I liked … There was one player who retained his name and President Lorenzo Sanz, who was the biggest problem. These are situations that, due to the difficulty and how the basement in Madrid is logical, will have problems, and a lot, "said the former national player of the Colombian national team.

Arriving of Millionaires

Freddie Rincon also told his feelings after being confirmed in the millionaire's technical leadership. "Master Pinto was the technician who shot me as a professional player, and I was proud to work with him, and with all his experience there was a lot to learn from him, he was the best technician I had in my life," he admitted.

El Coloso recalled that his start in professional football was ironically given to Santa Fe (rival playground of the blues), but it dropped down and said you should first have professionalism.

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