Saturday , June 25 2022

Samsung Galaxy A50 improves its camera in the latest update


Samsung attaches particular importance to the Samsung Galaxy A family of mobile phones. In this section of its catalog, one of the most important is the Samsung Galaxy A50, a terminal that, due to its value for money and benefits, is a success.

This is the model that was recently updated with the June security patch, but also with new features in your camera.

Night mode and super slow motion

Some users who have received firmware A505FDDU2ASF2 They saw how, in addition to improvements in security and stability, their terminals have improved in one key aspect: photographic.

In particular, there are two novelties that have appeared in the camera application. On the one hand we have night mode, which improves the photos in low light conditions, as well as in the Galaxy S, which have recently been updated with this feature.

On the other hand, we also have the opportunity recording in super slow modesomething that so far has not been possible with this model.

Also included are options such as the ability to scan QR codes from the camera application without using Bixby Vision.

You may also need to restart the application

Samsung Galaxy A50 improves its camera in the latest update

It is amazing that after the firmware update, not all users have received the news we mentioned. This is because some models have not deleted data from the camera application, leaving the interface before the update.

To use the new options, we need to go to the settings and in the apps section to restore the system's camera application, which will clear the cache and show us the new interface.

We can also restore the settings in the camera application settings, in the last option named, Reset settings.

This update of the Samsung Galaxy A50 comes in India and needs to reach other markets in the coming weeks.

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