Saturday , June 25 2022

So cover up the new marijuana, which has "crazy" policemen looking for who smokes


The operations were held this weekend in the Seville, Cisneiros, Poblado, Belene and other districts in the city center, where soldiers found a sale of "marijuana frozen in foods like aluminum foil chocolates and marijuana oil capsules," which according to the institution is consumed "in evaporators and electric cigarettes".

Police explained, through a statement, that the idea of ​​smoking marijuana in these elements is not to cause suspicion, because they take advantage of the fact that vaping is getting more and more frequent on the streets.

"The foregoing, in order to avoid control of the authorities with regard to its new mode of action, since an approved preliminary identification test (PIPH) must be carried out in order to establish that it is a narcotic substance, , because the smell and characteristics are not typical of those who are well-known, "says the institution.

The same version was ratified by General Eliécer Camacho, Commander of the Metropolitan Police at Telemedellín. who said that with this new form of marketing and consumption of the substance, it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify the person who smokes.

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"We have capsules that are impregnated with high concentrations of marijuana, and they are the ones they use in evaporators that enhance concentration and its effects. With this new method, moreover, they seek to avoid control of the authorities because they do not have the same smell of marijuanasaid the Station Officer.

People arrested in the operational authorities / the Medellin police

During the search operations, the police arrested seven people, including six women, three of whom are Venezuelan nationals. In addition, the statement said, it was found that any marijuana chocolate was sold at 10,000 pesos, whereas the essence of the same substance cost up to 25,000 pesos.

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