Saturday , August 13 2022

"Strange Things": the wonderful message from Milly Bobby Brown to David Harbor


With the third season of "Unknown Things", released on July 4, the networks have not stopped filling out messages of all kinds, as well as the actors in the series. Among them, they are undoubtedly one of the largest special and emotional is that published by Milly Bobby Brown, the actress who gives life to Eleven in fiction, directed at her partner David Harbor,

Eleven and Hopper

In the publication of the young actress in Instagram you can see an illustration in which the characters of Eleven and Hopper (respectively Bobby Brown and Harbor) appear in a loving and fatherly manner while Hopper puts his hat on, holds his chin. and they both smile. The actress posted the image to the description "As a father as a daughter" and heart, that is, "from such a rod as a debris",

Both characters in the series have undergone great evolution from the beginning and continue to have a paternal relationship very close During the second season of "Weird Things" we could already see Hopper acting as a Defender and Family of Eleven, with all the aspects that this implies. Eleven, the superpower girl who never had a suitable family, and Hopher, the police chief who had lost his daughter a few years ago, joins the series to form one of the most emotional and interesting couples. Now, after the start of the new season, Milly Bobby Brown wanted to honor the relationship between his characters with this image and message in their social networks, where you can usually see posts with many of your peers,

The Future of Hawkins

We can assume that the participants in Netflix's success His characters still have a fourth season ahead, although what has not yet been confirmed is whether there will be a fifth afterwardsFor the time being, the relationship between El and Hopper can be enjoyed through the three seasons that have been on the platform so far, including the last eight chapters recently published.

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