Wednesday , August 10 2022

Terror, in which more than 800 people live, is locked in a municipality


At least 830 people in the rural areas of the Colombian municipalities of Hacarí and La Playa, located in the Catatumbo area bordering Venezuela, are closed off by clashes between criminal gangs operating in the area.

This was announced on Sunday by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), which details in a statement that as of June 15th those people who were displaced by the clashes are in jail.

This is because of "restrictions on mobility, given the ban that is being done" by organized armed groups, so "they do not move to the headquarters of the city and do not go through the night."

The information adds that in prison these people, of whom 311 were children and adolescents, had difficulty in "developing their everyday daily activities", as well as having problems with access to food and water.

"People in host communities (the amount to be determined) will also be limited by the reasons described, in addition to the fact that the inhabitants of the affected villages (settlements) are exposed to protection risks as a result of illegal obstacles, touches remain and the presence of anti-personnel mines and unexploded munitions, "added OCHA.

Last Thursday, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), a non-governmental organization, warned about the displacement of 830 people who "need urgent attention".

"The people of La Plaja have decided to escape, so these people must be urgently protected and helped," said NRC director Cristian Vince, adding that "about 250 people are sleeping in a house that has only one health unit. "

In this sense, OCHA believes that these 250 people "who live in overcrowded conditions in a house" urgently need to move, because this situation puts people at risk.

It is also necessary to take water tanks because the area is insufficient and not suitable for human consumption.

"The sanitary units are needed in the premises where the affected people are, because the few that exist are in poor condition and are insufficient for the number of people crowded together," the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said. ,

Catambubo is one of the most convulsive areas in the country due to the presence of the Partisan Army of the National Liberation Army (ELP) and Red Army National Liberation Army (ELL), which the government regards as an organized armed group as well as criminal gangs and drug dealers.

The region, one of the more barking areas in Colombia, consists of Convención, El Carmen, El Tarra, Hacarí, La Playa, San Calixto, Sardinata, Teorama and Tibú.

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