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The asteroid who has the riches to bring millionaires back to all people


June 29, 2019 09:40
Updated on June 29, 2019 10:28

The beginning of the cosmic mining era will begin in the coming years with missions that want to reach an asteroid that has precious metals worth $ 700,000, a huge sum that can turn into billionaires. the inhabitants of the Earth.

According to a report from the specialized portal Oil price, the asteroid Psyche 16, located between Mars and Jupiter, is formed by heavy metals such as gold, iron and nickel. Its extraction is so great that if the profits are distributed among all people, everyone will get a billion dollars.

"Gold titans now control hundreds of the most productive properties in the world, but 4 or 5 million ounces of gold that they bring to market each year are pale compared to space-based conquests," said Scott Moore, CEO of Euro Sun Mining , to said media.

That's why this cosmic object has awakened the attention of private companies and space agencies like NASA, which is already planning a mission to explore this metal corps in 2023.

For John Zrnacki, Professor and President of the Royal Astronomical Society of the United Kingdom, this will only be the first step in the exploration of space minerals but shows that it will only be possible in 25 years to determine the economic viability of mineral extraction from this an asteroid that will serve as an attempt for missions in other metallic celestial bodies.

Not just for money

With Psyche 16, which is three times as far away from the Sun than Earth, NASA hopes to begin exploring metal asteroids, such as the Earth's core. The agency assured in 2017 when it announced its mission that its main purpose was not economic.

According to NASA, scientists are considering the possibility of Psyche, which travels about 750 billion kilometers, to find a nucleus of an ancient planet as large as Mars, but that its rocky appearance is destroyed by strong clashes. billions of years.

The mission will help scientists understand how planets and other bodies split up and form layers, cores, mantles and lacy at the beginning of their stories.

"This is an opportunity to explore a new world, not rock or ice, but metal," said Lindsey Elkins-Tanton, lead researcher of Psyche Mission, at Arizona State University in Tempe.

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