Friday , May 20 2022

The Diversity Flag is shaking against a background of controversy over forest clearing


While the marching of Lgbtiq's pride took place on the streets of the center of Medellin, in his 22nd edition in this city and 50 in the world, the controversy continued to destroy the banner of diversity on Sero Nuttibar, It was from Thursday to Saturday when some citizens dropped it and smashed it.

The City Hall of Medellin and several social organizations have made it a sign of respect for this population. However, expressing his annoyance that this flag occupies the place of Antioch, Luis Emilio Arbolina He recorded a Vandalism video against this symbol of diversity and published it on Facebook (though later he deleted it), and yesterday the groups picked it up again.

After the fact, the citizen was fined for violation of the Police Code with two subpoenas: one for violation of Art. 40, from $ 441,661 (16 legal minimum daily salaries in force) and 27 out of 220,830 USD.

In turn, the Mayor of Medellin, Federico Gutierrez, he regrets and condemns the events he considers to be incitement to violence and hatred.

"This unfortunate act. This should be an opportunity for reflection, a look at itself, and a rethinking of society as a society to repeat that the first thing that must always be respect for life and the other – the difference – said Gutierrez.

For his part, the counselor Daniela Maturana, which protects diversity, recalls that this act is a crime. He added: "I appeal to Medellin's citizens that we do not respond to these more hateful acts of hatred, which are very much in love with and accompanying the community."

The fact was not only in the opinions, but also with the legal plane. Director of the Prosecutor's Office, Raul Gonzalez Flehas, describes this act as vandalism and intolerance, "which can not be accepted by the law because it affects the property of the state foreign to the property (the citizen who has destroyed the flag)". He added that a criminal investigation would begin.

For its part, the Stonewall Cultural Corporation, which organizes the procession of diversity, has announced that it will file a complaint with the Prosecutor's Office for what it regards as an act of aggression and disrespect for this community.

"On Wednesday, we will make the charges against Mr. Luis Emilio Arbollade, because it is an act of hatred that incites discrimination against the population because of the crime of harassment, "he warned. Sebastian Arenas, legal representative of the corporation and marriage judge. Colombiano sought Arboloa to understand his point of view, but did not get an answer.

Catalina Cardso, A lawyer at the University of Medellin, a law candidate at Eafit and a professor at the universities of Envigado and Unaulla, explained that Arboleda had committed a violation of Article 134A of the Penal Code for Discrimination, which states that "which arbitrarily prevents , impedes or restricts the full exercise of the rights of persons based on their race, nationality, sex or sexual orientation, disability and other causes of discrimination, shall be punished by imprisonment of 12 to 36 months and a fine of 10 up to 15 legal minimum wages in force ($ 281,160 to US $ 421,740).

It also confirms that it also infringed Article 265 of Chapter VIII, impairment of property with a heavy alien (which implies imprisonment between 16 and 90 months and a fine of 6.66 and 37.5 minimum monthly statutory wages in force) or is not aggravated, with penalties of 16 and 36 months imprisonment and fines of up to 15 minimum statutory monthly wages in force.

Controversies are still warming up in social networks. Between Saturday and Sunday were the #ElAmorNoSeCorta and #BienHechoLuisEmilio washes. The first in defense of community rights and the second in support of the main hero of vandalism.

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