Saturday , June 25 2022

The Gilberto Santa Rosa concert was postponed in Ibagué – music and culture books


The organizers of the "Caballero de la Salsa" concert, Gilberto Santa Rosa, who was scheduled for the night of this Saturday, June 29 in Ibagué, Tolima, decided at the last minute to postpone this event, which was part of the celebration of Folk parties that reached to its highest point this weekend. Together with Santa Rosa came Cheo Andújar and Ray Sepúlveda.

The organizers announced on Saturday night that the concert called the Grand Gala Evening would not take place due to logistical problems related to limiting the road that exists for the transport of heavy trucks.

"Everything was ready for the event, but the restrictions on the heavy truck traffic mean that the production has not reached the city of Ibage," the organization said. Those who want to reimburse the money on the ticket can request this from the taxi collection company,

The new date of the concert will be announced next week.

Artist Gilberto Santa Rosa said through a video that had arrived on the land of Ibague by Manisalees to fulfill the engagement. "I have just informed that the event will not take place, it is important that they know that the whole group and my technical team are here, but unfortunately for reasons beyond our control will not be done," said the artist.

This was the message the artist shared in his Twitter account.

Businessmen justify the whole responsibility of artists, entrepreneurs, ticket companies and sponsorships.

The concert was popular throughout this month and even offered at the entrance of two people with a ticket. The artist's performance was expected by his followers, and was one of the most important events in the celebration of the Colombian folk festival, which features parades, reigns and performances of the comparisons.


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