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The initial investigation was opened by the Feeding Plan School contract in Cartagena

November 19, 2018 – 10:35 a.m.


Because of alleged irregularities in the process of contracting the School Feeding Program (PAE) in Cartagena this year, the Bolívar Regional Prosecutor's Office began an initial investigation into the former mayor (e) Yolanda Wong Baldiris.

This happened after a resident filed a complaint with the regulatory body, arguing that since December 2017 there was a validity period for this program contract and until now there were still shortcomings. It was known that the complaint was filed in July this year, when an appeal submitted by one of the supporters of the public tender carried out by the District Education Secretariat and which was declared null and void was still resolved.

The Prosecutor General's Office also ordered a special visit to the Mayor's Office to obtain copies of two documents: files with preconditioning stages of decisions and conclusions from contracts referring to PAE in 2018, and verifying when the contract starts and its current status.

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"In terms of the contract the commission has concluded, to give the PAE implementation contract, effective 2018, attach a copy of the file containing the commission contract", indicated in the completion of the Attorney General's document.

Even though Wong Baldiris had not been told about this initial investigation, he said that he was really calm about the recruitment process he had done.

"In their argument they talked about the validity of December 2017, when I was not the responsible mayor, in July I found that the process was broken and that was when objections arrived and we settled them for a contract by the Mercantile Exchange. There are two contract processes that don't reach conclusions "success and together with the technical committee installed, it was decided that it would be a ration given, rations paid," explained Wong Baldiris.

He also stressed that the technical committee which also formed the Attorney General's Office and the Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena continued to function to ensure compliance with PAE 2018 operators.

Executions that have been criticized by the public because of shortcomings in some educational institutions.

Ask for more documentation

The Office of the Prosecutor General also requested the District to send nine documents to files, including: documents that prove compliance with minimum standards and conditions for the provision of 2018 Cartagena PAE services, in accordance with the technical-administrative guidelines set by the Ministry of Education; what contract modalities are used for PAE awards, and factual and legal justifications that motivate the choice of modalities.

"In the event that after completing the commission contract, to provide a contract for the implementation of PAE 2018, explain the reasons and reasons why they decided to terminate the contract", highlighted in point C from the second point of completion.

In addition to adding the school calendar this year, how many students are officially registered at SIMAT for 2018, as PAE recipients; and the reasons for this year's delay in implementation, among others.

Likewise, the Regional Prosecutor's Office requested to inform the Ministry of Education of a follow-up report on the implementation and implementation of PAE in Cartagena.

It should be noted that the current appointed agent, Pedrito Pereira Caballero, has reviewed the implementation of this program with a technical committee.

The attorney's office requested information on the committee

According to the mayor (e), the Attorney General's Office has requested information verbally as long as the monitoring committee is being carried out for PAE operations in Cartagena. However, they still have not received an official letter for the documentation needed in this initial investigation. At some point, Pereira Caballero commented that the program review had been complicated because of the contract modality, because contact with the operator was carried out through the commission company chosen by the Mayor's office on the Mercantile Exchange.

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