Friday , December 3 2021

The insignificant coater was one of the creators of solar panels sent to NASA


As Néstor Luis Jusayú, at 14, the deceased was identified on Monday, who was hit by an inter-departmental bus on the road leading from Riohacha to Maicao.

The incident happened in the afternoon of July 22 when a minor riding his bike tried to cross the road without looking at a car.

Initially, the fatal victim of the incident was not identified as his relatives removed the body from the site and tried to attack the driver of the bus that is native to the interior of the country.


It was then found that the deceased was one of Wayúu's children who developed the solar cells, which are NASA (the US government agency responsible for the civil space program as well as aeronautical and space research). of the current month.

It should be noted that the incident happened on a kilometer 35 on the road leading from Riohacha to Mikeo, where Nestor lost his life after ordering in a shop.

According to community members, the young man was about an hour in the morning, and in the afternoon he went looking for something for his mother, but instead of going back the same way to his house, he walked the road where he was running.

In the same way it was known that at the time when the bus driver tried to stop, but given the proximity of the bus to the youngster, it is impossible to avoid the blow.


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