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The little paper they asked you to deliver the mayoral service of Santa Marta


Confidential | 07.23.2019

Why did the mayor responsible for Santa Marta not want to deliver the charge?

A true novel lived on Tuesday in the office of the mayor of Santa Marta when his owner, Rafael Martinez, was represented in the municipal office to make contact with transparency secretary Andres Rougeles, who was appointed a responsible agent. As will be remembered, a second-instance judge lifted the security measure Monday, which kept Martinez at his house for four months, and that meant stopping his charge; the new solution, however, cleared its way to return without a clipper. However, at about 10:30 this Tuesday was a tense meeting between the current mayor and the responsible person, a moment that had been extended because Ruggles told Martinez that the court was obliged to report the decision of the Interior Ministry, which is not part of the trial. They had to mediate attorney Fernando Carrillo and Senator Antonio Sanguinho to sign the relevant minutes to transfer power.

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