Wednesday , August 10 2022

The Medellin lottery jackpot fell


The draw this Friday left a new millionaire in the capital of Antioch. The winning number captures movie lovers.

With a statement, Medellin's Lottery announced that the jackpot prize of its lottery number 4483 fell into the city of "Eternal Spring".

The winning number of 12 billion pesos (about $ 3.7 million) is 0077 of the 13 series sold by Sípaga Games and Services Commercial Network.

Although the identity of the winner has not been disclosed, for reasons of security the lottery has revealed that this is not the only "blessed" day.

"The draw remains in the possession of the two dry 10 million pesos, one in the city of Monteria with the number 7015 of the 197 series and the other in Sabaneta with number 6540 of the 239 series", informs the betting company,

Also, more than 327 million pesos will be delivered on the three most profitable approaches: "the last number of different series, with 38,933 winning factions, the last two digits, different series with 2852 award fractions and a different series of basic approximation," the letter explained.

A combination of the winning number is similar to 007, which identifies the film saga of agent James Bond.

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