Saturday , June 25 2022

The project of Paloma Valencia, which knocked paneleros


One week of protests against more than 3000 panellists in Santander and Boyaca ended with the return of a Congress bill that senator Paloma Valencia had peddled during his last term. Thanks to the agreement with Agriculture Minister Andres Valencia, points 2 and 23 of the "Panelero Impulse" standard will be discussed again, which directly concerns small producers reporting large losses. With this new agreement, disagreements between the participants and the senator may be closed during the congressional debate on the project, and they could get opportunities to refinance and revive the industry, among other things they wanted in the demonstration statement.

This is what the participants in the discussion with Minister Valencia have achieved:

These are the points that will resume the debate on the Panelero Impulse project:

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