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The Prosecuting Commission is progressing in the Prosecutor's – Congress – Politics

The chair of the Complaints Commission spoke of the case brought against the head of the indictment.

Louis Emilio Tober, Chairman of the Investigation and Accountability Committee

Louis Emilio Tober, Chairman of the Investigation and Accountability Committee


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November 22, 2018, 12:48

Luis Emilio Tober, a representative in the House of Democratic Center and chairman of the indictment commission, talks with EL TIEMPO What's up they are in which the proceedings were opened against Prosecutor General Néstor Humberto Martínez.

What is the case with the prosecutor in the indictment commission?

We are going forward. We have already distributed the denunciations that were against the prosecutor from two supervisory offices, one from Bogota and one from Cartagena. The process responds to the representative Óscar Villamizar, who will have to speed up the work procedures.

How many proceedings are against the prosecutor Néstor Humberto Martínez?

The process begins with the new complaints and the request to disarm an inhibitor from May this year, which will investigate whether to dearchise it to begin the investigation again with the new elements completed.

Will there be speed in these investigations?

As soon as we understood the case, we made the first step in assigning the process to a representative. If the agent finds merit, open an investigation and continue to provide us with reports so that the trial, if applicable, ends with a charge before the Chamber's Plenary Hall.

What is the speed of handling these cases?

Every 15 days we meet, which is at noon. We try to move forward in 10 or 12 processes every time we meet. It can not be ascertained how many processes we record, if not how many impulses we give to processes that are practically asleep.

When can you know the results?

We are moving fast. They are advancing in emblematic processes such as those of some magistrates.

What processes?

After about three weeks, decisions will be known that will be emblematic.


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