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These are some predictions about the cost of the battleship for 2019 CriptoNoticias


The rebuilding of the BTC market prices is subject to analysis by analysts and investors, some of whom have offered their predictions about this upward movement in the cost of the pioneer cryptoblock. They offer their opinion on what the new cost could be for the battlefield during the remainder of 2019 and beyond.

In this article, we offer Bitcoin's estimates of four analysts: Michael Novogrant, Anthony Pampiliano, Naim Ashlam and Alex Krueger.

Novotarz: stability between 10,000 and 14,000 St

Chief Executive Officer of Galaxy Digital Holdings said part of the impulse, which has the cost of a Battle, is related to the announcement of Libra, Facebook's crypto. "One of the largest companies in the world said we believe in cryptoLite," he said during his June 27th appearance in the CNBC US Circular.

If you are an institutional investor who is approaching and still worried about investing, it makes you much safer.

Michael Novogarz, Chief Executive Officer, Galaxy Digital Holdings

In addition, Novogratz also refers to the growth of the exchange of Asian market battles, with a special focus on China and its direct impact on the rallying rally. "Much of what's happening in Bitcoin and other currencies comes out of Asia," he said.

With that in mind, the head of Galaxy Digital predicts this BTC's price will vary between $ 10 and $ 14,000 for the rest of the year,

On the way to $ 100,000?

In the middle of the market rally in the second quarter of 2019, Morgan Greek cofounder Anthony Pompiliano marked December 31, 2021 as the deadline for the cost of a battlecine to reach $ 100,000. This CEO had already made forecasts before, pointing out that in August 2018, when BTC's price was $ 6770, the battleship would drop to $ 3,000 before returning to higher values.

"This forecast for a 50% drop in the cost of a battlefield met with a lot of skepticism, but it turned out to be accurate. Bitcoin continued to fall below $ 3,200 in December 2018 before recovering and firing over $ 10,000, "Pampliano said in a blog called Off the Chain.

After recalling this event last year, the executive confirmed its position: Bitcoin will have a cost of $ 100,000 before the end of 2021"My current level of confidence that this is about 70-75%," he said.

Two other crypto-analyzers who predicted Bitcoin's cost could reach $ 100,000 were Russia Today's famous journalist and analyst, Max Kaiser, and ThinkMarkets chief market analyst Naeem Aslam.

According to Ashlam, the next upward trend will take Bitcoin down to this price, as long as the highest prices already reached ($ 20,000) are exceeded and managed to stabilize over $ 50,000, so the price of 100,000 can be achieved and perhaps overcome.

"I think it's very likely that in the long run, the next bull will be over the range of $ 60,000 to $ 100,000," Aslam said during an interview, although he did not specify time. In the past days, the analyst said the cost of each battle would soon exceed $ 11,000, which happened shortly thereafter.

Kaiser, who was extremely supportive of Battle and his growth, also supported this theory. Kaiser also argues that the battlefield will outperform all other investment markets over the next 15 years, that's because the millenniums go from investing in traditional assets to entry into battlefields and other cryptolaughs.

Alex Krueger: Traders should not be caught by FOMO

Argentinean analyst Alex Krueger said many people have consulted him about his position in the upgrading of the battlefield. The analyst saved the predictions of the cost of a battleship in 2019 but offered advice to investors: traders should not follow the investment strategy of others, he said through your social network account twitter,

This is especially relevant when working with specialized and experienced traders, as their movement is faster than the movement of a regular trader. Traders must ensure that they do not become victims of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), that is, they should not be afraid to stay away from the bullish rally and buy Bitcoin in a hurry.

They ask me a lot if I buy. Although it should not matter. As a general rule, the trader should not follow others. The following is a great way to get heavy losses (REKT). Especially after experienced traders who move fast. Develop your own method, follow yourself.

Alex Krueger, Bitcoin's investor and analyst

In this sense, Kruger pointed out that the time to buy is when prices face a well-identified upward trend or when prices rise after consolidation at key levels. According to him, this kind of strategy implies an important level of aggression, quick profits, taking advantage of the highest price levels.

now Every battleground is priced at 11,278 USDwith a dominant share of 62.7% in the rest of the market. Currently it has a volume of 40,531,888,247 USD and a market capitalization of USD 200,722,507,251. Between end-May and early June 2019, crypto-wave prices grew by 29%, from $ 8,753. on May 27 to over 11,200 currents. These predictions of battlefields suggest that there will be continued ongoing bullish behavior

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