Tuesday , August 3 2021

They did not find traces of cyanide in the Pizano network Colombia

Legal Medical Director Carlos Valdés said yesterday that inside the body of engineer Jorge Enrique Pizano, witness to the key to Odebrecht's case died last week, no trace of cyanide was found, so the initial version remained that his death was caused by a heart attack.

The samples were analyzed, Valdés said, taken at the San Rafael de Facatativá hospital, where he arrived after a visit to the Subachoque health center, the city where the examiner Corficolombiana lived.

His son, Alejandro Pizano, died of cyanide, after drinking water from a bottle he should have found on his father's table. For this reason, additional tests are ordered at the initial necropsy, which indicates that his death was caused by a heart attack.

"The analysis was carried out in parallel by two laboratories (one from Ibagué and one from Bogotá) accredited at the Institute. The results were negative for cyanide. There was no cyanide found on one of the tissues or in the solution containing them. In this sense, the cause of death is still the hospital determined Facatativá was so necropsy clinically done, "Valdés said.

It must be remembered that Legal Medicine has reported that Alejandro Pizano, son of Jorge Enrique Pizano, died from consuming cyanide.

"Evidence collected at the parents' residence (from Alejandro) shows that the victim will find cyanide in a scented water bottle," the Prosecutor's Office said.

Statement from family

The families of Jorge Enrique and Alejandro Pizano, who died last Thursday and Sunday, respectively, demand respect from public opinion and ensure that they will not give statements about judicial matters, because they go through "painful situations".

In a statement, signed by his wife, Inés Elvira Ponce de León, and their daughter Juanita and María Carolina, they ensured that they would not talk about judicial matters, because Jorge Enrique "delivered documents to the appropriate entity and we, his family, we not contribute at all. "


The Pizano family tragedy acquired a large national scandal because of documentary evidence that Jorge Enrique Pizano had abandoned his knowledge of paying bribes by Odebrecht since 2015.

Moreover, because of this test, he delivered today Attorney General Néstor Humberto Martínez when he trained as a lawyer for Corficolombiana, one of the companies of the concession holder Ruta del Sol 2, would not have an echo when he arrived at the chief accuser, one year later

Pizano arrived at this discovery after strengthening in 2013 that there was an inconsistency between the contract audited by him and the actual payments that appeared at the treasury, which revealed a series of objects that were duplicated or invisible worth more than 24 billion euros. peso, what lawyer Martínez did not hesitate to call "bribe" in the audio released by the deceased.

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