Friday , May 20 2022

They discover how obesity recalls the neurological system of suppressing hunger in the brain


The study, published in Science, conducted in mice, shows that glutamatergic neurons associated with satiety are modified with high fat diets.

Obesity affects more than 500 million adults worldwide. Pixnio

Feeding, by reducing natural brains of the brain for food intake, can cause neurological changes that continue to cause pathological nutrition and lead to obesity, according to a new mouse study conducted by an international team of scientists. (Read: The population of the overweight world exceeds that of the hungry)

Results published in the magazine "Science", show how diet-induced obesity changes the function of a crucial neurological system to suppress the diet. These findings can help identify new therapeutic targets for eating disorders and obesity in humans.

Obesity, a disease that affects more than 500 million adults around the world and an important factor in increasing the spread of a wide range of other serious health problems, is often considered to be one of the world's most pressing problems.

Although obesity may be associated with some rare medical causes, unhealthy eating habits are widely recognized as a major determinant. However, little is known about it how obesity affects the brain or major neurological mechanisms, to contribute to these unfavorable dietary behaviors. (Read: Obesity kills more people than smoking)

This shows previous research the lateral hypothalamic (LHA), an area of ​​the brain that mediates the physiological functions associated with survival plays a crucial role in controlling eating behavior.

In an overweight mouse model, Mark Rossi and colleagues at the University of North Carolina use a combination of unicellular RNA sequencing and two-photon calcium imaging to identify obesity-related changes in certain cells within the LHA.

The results identify a discrete class of cells, glutamatergic neurons that functionally delay feeding to suppress food intake beyond the sieve in ideal conditions.

However, in mice fed with high fat and desalting diets, the researchers found that these neurons are highly modified in a unique way, what interrupts this natural system of nutrition suppression to promote nutrition and obesity. (Here: Colombians lose a million years of their life due to obesity)

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