Wednesday , August 10 2022

They disqualify Mrs Cordoba from the National Beauty Contest


Miss Cordoba, Johanna Patricia Gutierrez Mechia is disqualified after CNB's National Beauty Contest directors think the social communicator has violated one of the competition rules.

Obvious disability left by Miss Cordoba's National Beauty, Johanna Patricia Gutierrez Megie, which would violate the norm of the competition, participating in national and international livestock breeding, which is prohibited in the statutes of a competition.

The same Miss Cordoba confirmed the media's decision after consulting him, "I understood that I can not participate in the contest by a telephone call made by me by Ms Otilia Berocal de Builvas (President of the Corporación Reinado de la Livestock, who told me that Cartagena was told not to send my registration as Miss Cordoba because I would not be accepted to participate in Miss Columbia because I represented the Department of Cordoba in the National Animal Management. "

Gutiérrez Mejía said she did not understand why she was not accepted if in other cases, after the National Beauty Competition directives, exceptions were made for other participants.

"My mother met with Raimundo Angulo and he was left to investigate the situation. Later on June 1, Reyaddo de la Gandhieria Corporation sent me an official e-mail message in which Mr Angulo confirmed his final decision that I would not be accepted for non-compliance with the regulations, saying that the fact that they were had exceptions from other candidates in previous years, this can not be a general rule that applies to all candidates; In my opinion, this applies to some, not to others. "

Johanna Patricia Gutiérrez Mejía, Social Communication – a journalist by profession, was selected with the approval of the Cordoba government, headed by Sandra Patricia Devia Ruiz.

Other arguments presented by the Cordoba Committee on Beauty are that National Livestock and International Livestock Breeding are two different competitions, although they are held simultaneously.

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