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They exempt "untouchable" Israeli from Taganga

The Colombian Prosecutor's Office can not hand the evidence against Mosch to the Portuguese Court where he was arrested by Interpol. He is released and apparently has already managed to leave the country

After his capture in Lisbon, Portugal, last May, Israeli Asy Muss, the "untouchable" was released last week by order of court in that country.

According to the Macao Jewish media investigation, the release is apparently due to the fact that the Colombian Prosecutor's Office has not handed the judges evidence of the charges against Moshe.

The "inviolable" who was expelled from the country at the end of November 2017 and July 2018 had an order and a blue interpolar circular about his whereabouts was accused by the authorities of the disappearance of Israeli businessman Noam Erickson On 10 February 2018 the man, 43, owns the Santa and VIP clubs in the historic center of Cartagena.

Mash, who was the owner of the Bejamín de Taganga Hotel, is also accused of being the leader of "Clan Benjamín", a criminal organization dedicated to "the sexual tourism of children and adolescents" in Santa Marta, Cartagena, Medellin, Bogota and Ecuador and Brazil.

"The Colombian police did not bother to pass all the evidence against Asi Mush, the evidence was weak and ambiguous to establish guilt," Interpol told the Mako newspaper.

It was found that the Prosecutor's Office is currently working to obtain any information about the reason for his release.

For his part, Mosch's lawyer said: "Asi is released from detention because there is no evidence. The Prosecutor's Office in Colombia has been in contact with the Portuguese court since the first day of detention and was present at the Assi court hearings and provided even a piece of evidence against him. Noam's offer disappeared in Colombia in February 2018, while Assy was expelled from the country in November 2017. He has nothing to do with this unfortunate event and Colombia police sources believe Assi is not a suspect. Therefore, the request for extradition does not primarily include the case in the case of Noam's offer, "he said.

It is believed that Mos will leave Portugal and return to his business and home in Ibiza.

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