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This is the best free radar for Android


If you are one of those who do not like using a GPS navigator like Google Maps or Waze, which is also owned by Google, but if you want to enjoy the functions of these GPS navigators, such as radar alerts, it will happen. to come or do what I paint because I will present the one who is for me the best free radar for android,

The app I recommend and teach video in detail besides being able to serve alone can also be a great ally and a great companion for your conventional GPS navigation application as it also has an option to display in a small window as a mini-speedometer over all the applications that we work on our device,

This is the best free radar for Android. (Compatible with all GPS, including Google Maps)

The app, which will not be tired of repeating that it is completely free and without any advertising integrated into it, is a request signed by TomTom itself and behind it there is a large active community that is improving from day to day. The app confirms and helps to verify where fixed, mobile, stretcher and other radar types that we can find in the way we move,

The app that responds to the TomTom Radari – Traffic signals, how could it be otherwise we will be able to download completely from the Google Play Store, the official Android app store, from the direct link I leave just below these lines:

Download free TomTom Radari – Traffic signals from the Google Play Store

But what does it offer us? TomTom Radari – Traffic signals?

This is the best free radar for Android. (Compatible with all GPS, including Google Maps)

In the attached video I left at the beginning of this post I commented in great detail on everything that offered us TomTom Radari – Traffic signals so I see it as the best free radar app for Android, some added features that I will now list as a summary:

  1. Application completely free of charge.
  2. The app is constantly updated by the community of more than 5 million active users.
  3. Application very, very bright.
  4. Works perfectly in the background without having to carry the mobile screen permanently.
  5. Clear and short signals, both in screen off mode, via voice signals and in screen mode, with voice signals in addition to screen signals.
  6. Different view modes, speedometer view over all applications, fullscreen speed view, view, road mode, and map view.
  7. Auto-enable feature when Bluetooth connects to the car, or Bluetooth to bikes for cyclists.
  8. Automatically shut down the app after a while of inactivity to save our Android battery.
  9. Voice signals in Spanish.
  10. Time of configured voice signals from application settings.
  11. And many other things.

This is the best free radar for Android. (Compatible with all GPS, including Google Maps)

If you want to see the app working in real-life action and in different viewpoints, I suggest you take a look at the attached video I left at the beginning of this post, the video I take a tour of my vehicle to see how well the app works in real time.

TomTom Radari - Traffic signals

The speedometer is shown above all applications

An app that reminds you again that it is completely free, without any subscription and without any ad added to the app.

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