Friday , August 19 2022

This is the intention to vote for the Mayor of Pasto | CNC Study – CMI


The mayoral contest for the town of Pasto is very close, with three candidates about 20% intending to vote and two others with options. This is the result of an election survey of the CM & N National Advisory Center for the capital, Narinho.

If the election for mayor of Pasto were next Sunday, which of the following candidates will you vote for?

  • Nicolás Martín Toro Muñoz of the Ethnic Claims Party: 22%
  • Vicente Herman Chamoro de la Rosa of the Movement works together for pasta: 21%
  • Lucia del Socoro Basante de Oliva, left-wing coalition parties: 19%.
  • Javier Tato Alvarez Montenegro of the Liberal Party: 10%.
  • Milton Mauricio Rozero: 7%.

The other candidates have 3% to zero in their intention to vote.

  • Empty vote: 12%
  • None: 4%
  • Does not know does not answer: 2%

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